10 Signs You’re Addicted To Minecraft

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Can you think of 10 signs you’re addicted to Minecraft? If you can think of 10, you can probably think of a whole lot more.

Addicted To Minecraft

It’s easy to get addicted to Minecraft. Surviving in a world you’ve built yourself makes for one of the most immersive gaming experiences in recent memory. What starts out as a deceptively simple series of tasks and goals quickly turns into a game that’s difficult for most to walk away from.

10 Signs You’re Addicted To Minecraft

Take a look at these 10 signs you’re addicted to Minecraft. Some of them are meant to be on the silly side, but others, should they apply to you, might indicate that it’s time to step away from the world of Minecraft for a little while:

  1. Your friends comment frequently that they don’t get to spend as time with you as they once did. And when you do take a break from collecting resources and building your home to hang out with them, all you ever want to talk about is Minecraft!
  2. You’ve been tempted to get wood by punching the trees in your backyard.
  3. There are times when you feel as though the real world just isn’t cubic enough.
  4. You’re repeatedly willing to call in sick to work, or skip class, in order to get in more time with the game.
  5. Reaching the size limit on all of the worlds you’ve created has become a commonplace occurrence in your life. Anyone who knows this game knows that hitting the size limit is no easy feat. Anyone who does it multiple times is putting in some serious time!
  6. You don’t need Minepedia to know the exact number of times you can use a particular tool.
  7. When you’re not playing Minecraft, you’re watching videos on YouTube, or discussing the game with other players in forums.
  8. Exchanging your actual bed for one that’s made from stone and wood doesn’t seem like all that crazy of an idea.
  9. You find yourself often wanting to arrange things around you into groups of 64.
  10. You have an entire chest in the game that’s filled with nothing but diamonds!

Are You Addicted To Minecraft?

It’s not entirely ridiculous to wonder if you might be even a little addicted to Minecraft. Looking at the list above, you should be able to tell the difference between the humorous signs you’re addicted to Minecraft, and the more serious ones.

Minecraft is a truly detailed, complex game. It provides unparalleled replay value, and it’s easy to become completely absorbed in everything it has to offer. If you find yourself spending considerably more time with the game than with friends or family, or if your need to play is starting to interfere with work or school, then it might be time to step back for a moment.

Take a night off. You’ve earned it. With Minecraft, you can always take a little time off, come back, and pick up where you left off.

William Sandefeur is a Minecraft addict. He contributes to Minecraft forums and also a website that shows you how to get Minecraft for free.

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