5 Cool Tools For Social Media Management

Given the expanding nature of social media and the importance of managing the vast amount of data provided, it is critical to use social media management tools to maximize revenue results. Like any management strategy, it is critical to monitor and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of social media campaigns to make adjustments when necessary. All businesses are a little bit different, so the tools mentioned below might work better for some businesses than others.

Sprout Social

Ranked as one of the top social media management tools by PC World in Angela West’s article, “The Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Small Business,” Sprout Social is applauded for its detailed reports and superior user interface qualities. Operating as a helpful partner, Sprout offers valuable feedback to clients within 24 hours after gathering demographic data about followers. Sprout tells clients what they could be doing to achieve better results.

Sprout Social monitors your company’s social media campaign by routing all social messages into one inbox. This makes it easy to review follower data at a quick glance.
Compatible with iPhone and Android apps, Sprout Social For Mobile makes it easy to use from anywhere, anytime.

Known for delivering one-click reports, it is easy to track campaign results. The reports are customizable and can be set up based on the company’s requirements. In addition to tracking campaigns, industry competitors can also be tracked and evaluated.

Argyle Social

As one of the more expensive options, this social media platform is designed for mid-market players seeking hard Return on Investment(ROI) numbers to satisfy management’s ongoing thirst for analytics. Considered an industry leader by many experts, Argyle Social is unique in its ability to measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns by assigning dollar values to results. This solution offers management the tools to achieve improved workflow, a real-time view of all social media platforms, and comprehensive analysis of the social media marketing plan.

Argyle Social streamlines social media efforts by providing a single, user-friendly interface for conducting social media functions. Software is provided to encourage an ongoing dialogue with prospects and customers, integrating the social media agenda into the corporate structure. The Cloud infrastructure guarantees clients with a 99.9% uptime working relationship.


This platform is considered a favorite option for businesses looking for an affordable way to automate social media tasks. Sendible is also a top pick for marketers interested in getting real-time alerts when social conversations turn to their business. Blogs, news, and social networks are monitored for discussions about sensitive company information that should be addressed. Messages are analyzed by the system automatically, and high priority messages are highlighted as urgent.

Another reason Sendible is considered to be an excellent management tool is because it measures how well published content performs. By providing details about each individual piece of content published, marketing managers can make important adjustments as needed to produce the best results. Tracking clicks, shares, comments and every other possible metric allows management teams to fully understand how prospects and customers feel about company content and emails.


Cloze is the ultimate relationship manager and organizes, prioritizes and saves all e-mails throughout your career. This tool has been likened to an executive assistant that is charged with the task of screening out some callers so that the most important contacts can get through. Cloze actually scores relationships, assigning a number to all of your contacts. Top-scorers’ messages are flagged for immediate follow-up.

Given the number of emails, tweets, and comments the average person receives in a given day, many businesspeople worry about missing an important message. For most people, it is not possible to answer every email, tweet or social media message. Cloze takes on the task of prioritizing these contacts for clients, which keeps people from worrying constantly about whether an important person is slipping through the cracks.

Additionally, Cloze keeps fragments of email conversation so that you always have a reminder about a specific message. As time passes, it can become important to remember a specific email. Cloze assures busy people of a record of those communications.

Job changes no longer have to mean losing valuable contact information when the company turns off your email address. Cloze keeps that information in a permanent file for easy retrieval. Given the importance of contacts to achieve success, Cloze provides great comfort that these important communications will not be lost during transition periods.

Vertical Response

This platform is designed for busy, small business professionals who need help managing social media. The distinguishing feature of this platform is that it combines email and social media campaign efforts. Aligning email and social media campaigns for a common purpose makes good business sense.

This tool also offers clients suggestions for relevant content, encouraging clients to establish a website of industry appropriate content. This feature saves small business managers time that could easily be squandered seeking out content. For entrepreneurs that wear many hats, it can be difficult to make the time to procure enough industry specific content to satisfy social media expectations.

Paul Coulter is a Toronto digital media strategist and SEM expert. Read more by Paul Coulter.

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