5 Things You Can Recycle For Cash

If you don’t want to start a full time recycling or waste management business at least, you can make some money from things you would usually throw in the bin. If you take the time to search, there are many recycling centers or markets around that can buy some of your household or office’s unwanted stuff. Here are five things you can recycle in return for cash.

Books, CDs & dvds

Sometimes the amount of books you have on your shelve become so many you begin to feel that you’re living in a library. But the fact is that there are many people out there who are looking for those books to add to their collection, some may even want to buy used books because they want to save money. You can gather these books and sell them in retail shops or online. You can also do the same thing for those old CDs and DVDs you have lying around by selling to music stores or online merchants in exchange for cash.

Aluminum Cans

One of the biggest culprits of waste is aluminum cans. This is because many people consume lots of products that come in cans like beans, beer and soft drinks. Instead of tossing them away you can gather them together and take them to your local aluminum recycling plant for some cool cash. By doing this you will be helping to reduce the impact of global warming as well as making some extra money.

Plastic Bottles

This is something everyone has a problem with when they start to accumulate. They are everywhere including your house, office, in the playground or on the road. But if you can’t gather the ones in other places at least you can do so with the ones in your house. Gather all your plastic bottles and put them in a place to be transported for recycling. However, you need to understand that it is not profitable to take them for recycling when you don’t have that many. This is because the payments are based on pounds and weights, so allow them to accumulate to help save some petrol money.

Computer Parts

With technological advancement in the IT industry occurring almost every day it’s also nearly impossible to catch up with the tons of new and better computer parts that are made available in the market. This makes your old computer parts obsolete and you want to throw them away, but not so fast. You can actually sell those parts and get some cash in your pocket. Computer parts you can sell include keyboards, monitors, mouse, even the system units. You can also sell printer cartridges because they are in high demand in the recycling world.


If you think no one would like to buy your old gadgets because they’re out of date and no longer in fashion then you may be surprised. Your old digital motion or still camera will fetch you some very good money if you give them up for reuse or recycling. You can also sell game consoles as well as old calculators and mp3 players that can either be sold to people in less developed countries or be recycled to make new items. Your dead car batteries can also be used to make new ones so, the companies that sell them to you can take them back in exchange for some cash.

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