5 Ways To Handle A Lazy Co-Worker

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It can be extremely frustrating having to deal with a lazy co-worker, especially if you’re a hard worker yourself and always stay on top of your work responsibilities.

Instead of complaining or causing more trouble by reporting this person to your boss, there are some steps that you can follow that will make this lazy person easier to deal with.

Take a look at the following information to learn more about how to handle this difficult situation.

Don’t Let Them Put You in a Bad Mood

Negativity can put others in a bad mood.

If you let your lazy co-workers actions upset you, it will affect how you deal with things throughout your workday and this will only continue to upset you.

Instead of getting a bad attitude and being in a bad mood, focus on the good job that you’re doing.

This will allow you to be more successful and will likely make your day go by faster than if you had focused on the negatives all day long.

Focus on How You Can Be a Better Employee

As you notice ways in which your fellow employee can better him or herself, instead take the time to consider improvements that can be made to better yourself.

This can allow you to be a better employee and make changes that could benefit your future within the company.

This can also help to distract you from your annoying co-worker and his or her actions.

Don’t Pick up the Slack For Them

You shouldn’t feel like you need to cover for your co-worker’s laziness. Make sure that you don’t do their work for them.

Instead, casually remind them of their responsibilities throughout the project timeline.

Put all of your focus on your responsibilities so that you can complete your tasks as well as possible.

Talk to Your Co-Worker

Communication is key! Take the time to talk to your fellow employee. He or she may not understand the directions or may feel like they’re unable to complete a certain task well.

While they may appear to be lazy, you may find that during your conversation they just need a little extra push or to be reminded of their responsibilities.

Don’t avoid discussion just because of your anger.

Don’t Complain to Your Boss or Other Employees

You may feel tempted to discuss the situation with other employees or your boss, due to your frustrations.

Make sure that you avoid this, as it’s very unprofessional and will make you look childish.

You want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward regardless of how your lazy co-worker is acting.

You can be the better person by handling the situation with professionalism.

The next time you find yourself dealing with a lazy co-worker, take the above tips into consideration.

With extra care and proper distractions, you will find that they become a little less annoying over time.

These tips can help you better deal with your own work responsibilities so that you’re able to be the best you can be at your job.

Authored By: Rebecca Whiteside. Rebecca contributes to HR Payroll Systems.

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