Advantages of Electronic Voting Systems

Posted by Silvia September 14, 2013 Comments are off 553 views
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Nowadays, when we hear about electronic voting system, we might think that it is almost science fiction or we might even think this system is not used in our Country. However, the reality will show you it is much more common that you thought and its advantages are also interesting. If you want to learn more about it, visit Smartmatic Elections News.

Currently in the world, there are different Countries which decided to use this system for elections. Firstly, in Latin America, Brazil and Venezuela are the two main Countries using the electronic voting system. Secondly, we have, in North America, the United States which started to use this system in the middle of the 60s. Thirdly, in Asia, there is another big Country which also decided to use this system; that is, India. Therefore, we could state that those Countries which chose to use electronic voting system are, mainly, large Countries. At least, at the beginning, but there are more and more Countries starting to use the electronic voting system.


Nevertheless, there are several advantages of using this technology in elections. When it comes to the Country’s size, we are always happy to use this electronic voting system electronic voting system since this way we are able to speed up the counting of votes. Another advantage, for large and small Countries, is that this electronic system turns out to be a very attractive economic solution due to paper ballot and paper mail necessary in a ballot system. There is another positive point for this system and it has to do with the ecology. Today we are really concerned about sustainability so it is a very good news for ecologists and people who love and respect nature.  As a result, no one has to worry about how many paper ballots there is in each polling place because electronic ballots would be available in an unlimited amount.

In addition, as we are all equals, people with disabilities need to be granted the same access to vote during elections. As a result, electronic voting machines provide a wide range of possibilities of adaptation so that blind people, deaf people or people with other disabilities can vote with no other worries than the election of candidates.

Concerning the mobility and participation, there is an interesting advantage in electronic voting systems based in cell phones or Smartphones. With this tool, Governments would be able to make decisions which are more democratic or, at least, more legitimate since they are supported by the entire Country. Dialogue between Governments and citizens would be more fluid.

To conclude with, we must say that there is a high probability for a human to miss a vote when counting and electronic voting machines are more secure and accurate. This voting system is ready for any special situation and even a power failure would not be a problem for it.

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