Comparing Canvas Printing Providers

Canvas printing is a relatively new process for converting color digital photos to works of art. There are many advantages to choosing this alternative over other printing processes.

Photographic paper fades with time due to exposure to UV light and just due to age. As you can see by visiting any art gallery, images painted or printed on canvas, a special type of fabric, can last for centuries. In fact, the better printers will always guarantee their images for more a century.

Although it is a new concept, there are a number of online printers who offer the option. You might be tempted to compare only the price of the services. I would recommend that you compare other things. There is a huge difference in the appearance of a high quality and a low quality print.

The better printers provide numerous services free of charge. They start with examining the photo you upload to ensure that it will transfer to the size you ordered without degrading the appearance of the image.

The “not-so-good” printers do not include this option. They actually include a warning that enlargements may appear blurry and that they are not responsible for that kind of problem. This is one of the reasons that some canvas prints turn out so poorly. Another reason is a lack of color enhancement.

The better printers edit your images free of charge to make sure that the colors are vibrant enough to show up well on the fabric. In some cases, the colors need to be corrected slightly because of the natural color of the fabric. Without the enhancement and correction, images look darker instead of brighter.

Finishing the edges of the image to make it suitable for hanging without an additional frame is another difference between the best and the not-so-good printers. Most of the printers offer only one edge choice. The fabric edging sometimes looks frayed because there is little time taken to ensure quality.

With at least one provider, you can get canvas prints that are edged with a wrap-around finish, a mirror finish, a beveled finish or a blurred edging. Any of these choices look great when you hang the finished project on the wall. There is no need to purchase a frame unless you want to. Frames sometimes actually detract from the appearance.

Just be sure to compare all of your canvas printing options before you place an order. We all want to be satisfied customers and the best way to make sure you are satisfied is to do a little research before you buy.

Sarah Zamykal is a professional canvas printer operating from the offices of Canvas This in Melbourne, Australia.

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