Cool Places To Propose

There are some experiences that can only be done once and proposing to your future husband/wife is one of those occasions that have to be just perfect. If you have travelling blood in your bones then a proposal on home ground might not be the exciting and motivating background for the big question. Try somewhere unique or somewhere so atmospheric that the answer will always be yes!

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Ski Fun
A ski break is always good fun and quite a romantic affair. Think snowy scenery, snuggles under a rug, hot chocolates by a roaring fire and even a sleigh ride. All of these opportunities would make for great proposal venues but try something a little more adrenalin fuelled for an incredible proposal. New Zealand is the new cool place to ski and heli ski packages are readily available. This is one place where the proposal would leave the lucky recipient on top of the world.

Heli-skiing Canada 2007 032

Have a Whale of a Good Time
Beaches are always a romantic place to hang out with your loved one. The palm trees, the sunsets and a Marguerita in hand, the proposal possibilities are endless. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not follow the Southern Right Whales to their breeding grounds in Brazil.  A holiday in Praia de Rosa would allow you to take an up close and personal encounter with a whale in a small boat. Seeing the creatures up close is a mind blowing experience but imagine a proposal at the same time? If you want something different, then this is it.


Star Gazing Romance
Deserts offer up tonnes of romantic possibilities. Imagine travelling across the sand by camel until you reach an oasis – this would make a great opportunity to pop the question and very “Lawrence of Arabia”. A cheap holiday to Egypt would give this opportunity as many resorts have desert outings available as trips. The alternative is to take a night trip to stargaze in the desert. The stars shine brightly in the desert due to the lack of light pollution. This makes lying on a rug staring at the universe a magical experience. Try bringing along your own shining rock and pop the question under the stars.

Moon, stars, wind, grass and dunes on a beautiful September evening. Stargazing on 83rd Street in Virginia Beach, VA. Photo by Mackenzie Brunson

Explosive Passion
In Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote, you could really go for an earth shattering proposal. Lanzarote is a volcanic island; it has hundreds of craters and one active volcano which can be found in the national park.  The landscape is unusual, the occasional patch of jungle followed by an expense of volcanic black earth. The ultimate and most extraordinary proposal would be to pre arrange try this site, prepare a delicious picnic, then drive through the Jurassic scenery up to the peak of the volcano. It would certainly be an alternative to a glass of champagne in a restaurant. And who knows? There could certainly be an explosive ending.


Choosing the perfect proposal venue should be a choice personal to you and your partner. Try doing something exciting and different for an unforgettable memory. It could be one to tell the grandchildren.

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