Enjoying Your Picnic: How To Keep Bees Away While You Are Eating

Picnics are a memorable tradition for many families, giving them the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while basking in the sun and fresh air. However, bees can put a damper on even the most well-planned event; once they catch a whiff of your picnic food, they are difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get rid of. The following advice can help you ward off these pests so you can enjoy your meal.

Keeping bees at bay

Oneof the hidden secrets to keeping bees at bay is to carry dryer sheets with you to your picnic site. Putting a sheet in your pocket and laying a few underneath your tablecloth or Tupperware container can make all the difference. In addition, bees like sweet smells, so it is important not to wear or use any products on your body that are scented. Finally, invest in a natural bug repellent; it will give you the additional protection that you need.

Creative methods of camouflage

Bring along a little mint and distribute it around your eating area. This plant will help to mask the sweet smell of your food, keeping bees from even approaching you in the first place. You could also carry a few small vases with marigolds in them to the picnic site; the smell is unappealing to bees. This idea adds visual appeal to your meal while helping you to steer clear of a pest problem.

Setting the table

Keep your picnic items in closed containers as much as possible. This includes both your food and drink. If you can bottle up some of the enticing aromas associated with your meal, you will attract fewer bees. In addition, think carefully about your eating surface. Don’t lay down a tablecloth or blanket that has bold colors or flowers on it. Bees will be attracted to these prints.

Methods of distraction

Pack a plastic cup with your picnic supplies, and just before you are ready to eat, add a little soda or fruit juice to it. Set the cup about ten feet or so away from where you are eating. This should be enough of a distraction that the bees will hover around the cup instead of around your meal. Ideally, try to put the cup out about fifteen minutes before you eat. Bees can actually “talk” to each other, so this will give them time to all gather at the same spot. They won’t notice your food if they are busy with something else.

Taking a few steps to keep bees away can make a big difference in whether or not you are disturbed by these pests while on your picnic. Keep this advice in mind the next time you head out to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

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