How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Mould

There is nothing worse than having a bad case of mould in your home, especially when you cannot find a way to get rid of it for good. You shouldn’t just worry the visible aspect as it can also be a potential hazard to your health. Many people will understand how to effectively remove the mould from their homes but will struggle to keep it out of their homes for good. The most common place in the home where mould will grow is the bathroom; this is because it is the most moist/humid room. To get rid of mould for good, follow these tips.

Get Rid Of the Mould

You should only attempt to get rid small patches of mould in your home, if it is covering quite a large area then you should call a professional to come and tackle the problem. It is quite easy to clean the mould away from the walls, but you are also going to need to kill the mould. You should start by using a damp warm cloth to wipe the mould from the wall areas, once it is all wiped away you will then need to kill the mould from the area. You can do these by mixing bleach and water together and using a cloth to wipe over the area.

Tip: You should always wear protective clothing when cleaning up mould and using bleach to ensure that you are not at any harm.

Prevent the Mould

The second process of preventing the mould coming back can be quite difficult because if you don’t use the right prevention you may find the mould will grow back. If the mould does come back then you will have to use a different type of prevention.

The best way to prevent mould growing back in your home is by using a de-humidifier, the de-humidifier will take some of the moisture out of the air, and this will prevent condensation happening in the room which will get rid of the mould for good.

To protect your walls from mould growing on them again, you should get some bathroom wall tiles fitted to the area that grows the most mould. The wall tiles will act as a barrier from the moisture on the wall and will prevent any mould growing back.

Tip: You should always make sure that you have enough air circulating in your home, you can do this by opening the windows in your home, this will prevent mould growing.

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