How To Set Up A Wireless Internet Connection

Since wireless networks have become more commonplace, individuals can work and game in comfort. The days of having to sit at a desk are behind us. Now, it is possible to lie in a hammock on a spring day with a laptop or netbook, or any other place people may choose, to do work and enjoy recreation. If you want to enjoy the convenience a wireless Internet connection offers but are not sure how to set one up, then you will find this overview to be helpful in your endeavors.

Make Sure You Are Connected
The first step in the process of setting up a wireless Internet connection is to make sure your Internet connection is in working order. If your connection is not working then you will not be able to continue with the rest of the process. Your connection is the backbone of your wireless network, as your network is solely dependent upon it.

Connect Your Router
First, you will need to unplug your cable modem. After unplugging the modem, connect your modem to your wireless router. At this point, your computer will be able to connect wirelessly to your modem; however, the process is far from complete because you need to configure your router.

Configure the Router
Next, you need to configure your router. In order to configure your router, take the network cable that has been supplied with your router, plug one end into your computer and temporarily plug the other end into an open port on your router. An open port is described as a port that is not labeled with things, such as Internet, WLAN or WAN. Once everything is connected, you will need to type in the address or URL in Internet Explorer to continue on with the process. At that point, you may be asked to enter in a user name or password.

Depending on the router you have, the address or URL, the user name and password may be different. You will need to check the instructions that came with your router to see what these are. See the blow table for this information as it concerns the most commonly used routers.

Router Type
User Name


Microsoft Broadband





It is important that you do the entire configuration process on the computer that you will be using to set up your network. Configuring your router from a different computer will prove to be useless, as that will not work.

Once you have entered in the pertinent information, you will be presented with a page that contains your IP address and additional information about your router’s configurations. While many of the default settings are okay, you need to configure the name of your network, a network password (This is also known as a security key.) and your administrative password. Be sure to keep this information in a safe place in the event that you lose it. Losing this information may either mean you have to jump through hoops to get it again or reconfigure your entire network.

Connect Your Computers and Devices to Your Network

Now comes the easy part. You will need to connect your computers and devices to your network in order for them to have a wireless Internet connection. To set the PC to connect on a wireless network, just go to the control panel and click on the option that says, “Network and Internet.” After that, click on the “Connect to a Network” option. At this point, you will be presented with a list of networks. Select yours from the list, click the “connect” button and then enter in your network security key. After the key is accepted, you are in business. You now have a computer that is connected wirelessly. Directions will be different for other types of computers and devices.

It is also important to understand that some of the instructions in the wireless network setup process may vary depending on the type of computer you have as well as its operating system version. If you get stuck at all during the process, check your computer manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions. If it is a PC, you can check with for instructions for your respective operating system.

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