Marketing Lessons You Must Learn From 2012

Now that your business is about to face another year of gaining customers and good reputation, it’s the right time to take a step backward and review 2012. Are there inspiring business stories or important marketing lessons that the past year taught you?

If you haven’t thought of anything yet, then let us provide you with a quick trip back and check on the business highlights of 2012.

1. Social media is the star player.
Gone are the days when advertisers and business owners would only use television, radio, and print ads to reach the target market. Since the birth of Facebook in the year 2004 until the start of Google Plus in 2011, there has been a great increase in number of online users. Don’t forget to add up Twitter that began on 2006, Foursquare on 2009, and Pinterest just last year!

With these numerous social media websites that came up, you can already imagine the power that these sites have in store for your business. This is why small and even large brands have created their own accounts to reach a wider audience. Based on a survey done recently, it showed that 90% of small businesses are already doing online marketing. Now, that’s definitely a huge percent you shouldn’t miss.

2. Customers’ demands change as technology improves.
In the year 2012, new gadgets have been released like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Kindle Fire, and Nexus 10 which gained great demand and interest. This simply shows that people are into to the changes and improvements brought by technology.

Since these items may seem like a necessity for people now, marketing has found another avenue to attract customers. There are already businesses that have gone for mobile promotions. A lot of stores also built mobile-friendly websites that can provide convenience for customers who prefer to shop using their phones or tablets.

3. Interaction and personal approach matters.
When you combine the power of social media and technology, you can already imagine a bridge that will allow you to effectively communicate with the people. It gives you a better chance of interacting with them since this is what customers want. Break down the walls and division by talking to them online and letting them know your business cares.

If you’ll check out how the candidates in the US elections for 2012 approached the people, you would realize that getting personal and being approachable even online counts. There are even statements saying that such a trend might soon become a normal situation for people to speak up on their votes.

By thinking about how businesses, influential people, and even the target market aired their sides last 2012; you can already have an idea on what will still be strong for this year. So gear up your business and be sure to keep a list of these effective approaches. Who knows, 2013 might be the year for your investment to be a boom with the help of the marketing lessons from 2012.

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