Nursery Arts & Crafts For Kids

There are many different types of nursery arts and craft supplies available from a number of online retailers as well as from high street stores. Often these products are purchased by and are suitable for use in schools, nurseries and in the home.

The main aspect when it comes to purchasing products for children is health and safety. There are many well known brands available and these are used by the majority of schools, nurseries and parents, due to the well established names / reputation of the brands.

Getting kids involved in arts and crafts related activities can really spark their imaginative side,  here are a number of craft products worth considering for children;

Kids Arts & Crafts Products

Arts and crafts are a fun way to help the development and learning of children. General nursery arts and crafts supplies cover several product types, including: –

  • Adhesives – products such as washable PVA, masking tape, double sided tape, paste powder, glue pens etc.
  • Books and Stationery – Creative books, laminated pouches, merit sticker sheets and paper fasteners amongst others.
  • Collage – Craft sticks, collage kits, sand shakers, mister maker craft kits, felt animals, glitter and so on.
  • Crayons and Chalks – Crayola crayons, chalk boards, wax crayons, chunky chalks, fabric crayons.
  • Display Paper and Borders – Poster rolls, Bordette border rolls, corrugated border rolls, display paper, scalloped border rolls and paper sheets.
  • Miscellaneous – sand timers, lacing shapes, measuring cylinders, Prism sets, touch and match boards & sensory blocks.
  • Modelling and Moulds – Hardening clay, model dough, modelling board, wooden clay knives, clay cutting wheels, wooden rolling pins, creative kits and other clay accessories.
  • Paints, Brushes & Accessories – Ready mix, powder paint, finger paint, paint blocks, fluorescent ready mix, rollers & foam dabbers etc.
  • Paper & Card – rainbow paper sheets, card (different colours), sugar paper, pastel card, drawing paper, seasonal packs and many other types.
  • Pens, Pencils & Markers – Berol markers and pens, Giotto pens, Markers, handwriting pens, whiteboards and whiteboard erasers.
  • Scissors, Aprons and Covers – Left and right handed scissors, dispensable aprons, fluorescent vests, smocks etc.

As you can see arts and crafts supplies for kids cover a multitude of different areas and products, despite sheer variety you can always take comfort in the fact that all of these products can be comfortably used in any environment whether it be at home, in a nursery, playgroup and finally in schools.

Artful Dodgers provide arts and crafts nursery supplies which are also ideal for use in at home or in schools, they also supply an excellent range of montessori school equipment.

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