Safety Tips At Home While On Holiday

Leaving your home for a holiday can be a nerve wracking business as there is so much to check. Usually as the car or taxi pulls away from the house or the minute you arrive at the airport, there is a moment when you are convinced you have left the fridge door open or the cooker on!

Making a list of Things To Do is still an essential before you lock up your home for a holiday.

But there are a few steps you can take to make sure your home remains safe – and burglars don’t cotton on that you are far away relaxing on a sun lounger.

  • Cancel milk and newspapers if there is no one who can take them into your house daily for you.
  • Getting a trustworthy friend or relative to check your home is a good idea – and they can also adjust curtains, leave a lamp on or tend plants or the aquarium while you are away, too.
  • Installing a burglar alarm and CCTV system which can accessed remotely on a digital device like a smartphone or tablet PC can be another good way of keeping tabs on your property while you are on holiday.
  • Fit window locks on all windows – house thieves are not called cat burglars for nothing; and also fit a mortice lock and Yale locks on all exterior doors and patio doors to the property.
  • Metal security grills which can be drawn across doors, windows and patio doors are also a good deterrent – secondary or double glazing is also hard to crack, but the sight of a metal grill can make your home a no-no for a burglar, as they usually like to be in and out asap.
  • Don’t tell strangers you are off on holiday – or discuss it at the hairdresser, local pub or shops, as you never know who might be listening and might follow you home to see where you live.
  • If you leave curtains drawn in the front windows, invest in a security light fitting which will switch the lights on at random – fitting one upstairs and another downstairs can give the impression someone is at home and is moving around the property.
  • Get a friend or family member to come and stay while you are away – if you know someone trustworthy who doesn’t go away much, asking them to stay in your home and maybe care for your cat or dog can be a wonderful break for them. Offering them a small weekly payment can be worth every penny, too, as you can phone them for updates and save yourself a lot of stress on holiday.
  • Place valuables you don’t want to take on holiday in a bank – safety deposit boxes are usually available at high street banks.
  • Don’t leave keys on the property – not under a flowerpot, doormat or hanging from a string that can be pulled through the letterbox.
  • You can also tell your local police station if you are going away and your home contains valuables like paintings, or is isolated or in a high crime area.

When abroad, house safety is not the only thing you need to worry about. One thought that may be neglected is your current safety at your hotel. Different rules and regulations means that floors may be slippy, windows may not be toughed and shatter easily and lift safety is not as important. All meaning that accidents abroad can be quite common.

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