Self-Storage: When Climate Control Is A Must!

There are three weather-related elements that can permanently destroy or damage items in a storage facility:  heat, cold and humidity.  Having family heirlooms or expensive  belongings   end up in a junk pile, due to these unavoidables, would be heart-breaking; but there is a simple solution you can take advantage of to make sure damage to your inventory never occurs–utilize climate-controlled storage units!

Here is a run-down of how personal items can be impacted by grueling weather-related variables, even while properly tucked inside a storage facility:

Don’t Let This Happen To You:

**  Photos:  Humidity will cause photo paper to permanently curl and yellow.   Heat, with or without humidity, can cause the chemical compounds in the paper to break down and deteriorate.  This ends up destroying the finish, color and clarity of those valued photographs.

**  Mattresses/Upholstered Furniture:  Heat and humidity would love to join forces and create a breeding ground for mold and mildew on cloth fabrics, especially cotton.  Mold and mildew can cause serious health issues, so throwing away these expensive items would be the very frustrating end-result.

**  Musical Instruments:  Rotting and warping can be a shocking reality for these expensive items when exposed to heat and humidity.  Piano and violin strings will discolor, warp and break.  Wooden components in instruments will crack and separate.

**  Antiques/Wooden Furniture:  Warping, cracking and rotting are distinct probabilities for these fragile items, when exposed to the elements.

**  Documents/Books:  Humidity will cause color-loss, and  text can become ‘invisible’.  Mold and mildew, again, would have a hey-day with these paper items.  In addition, insects love warm, damp havens; and easy-to-eat documents and/or pages can become riddled with holes and destruction.

**  Computer Discs, DVD’s, CD’s:  Extremes in heat are killers for these types of items.  Entire collections can be permanently destroyed after only a few days in a storage unit subjected to 100 degree heat.

**  Clothing:  Like mattresses, the cloth-factor invites discoloration due to heat.  Also, humidity and cold can contribute to moisture build-up which would lead to mold and mildew formation.  Silk and velvet are, especially, vulnerable to climate extremes.  Insects love to burrow and nest in clothing, ultimately, destroying those expensive garments.

There are numerous other items that require very special storage care, such as all types of leathers, computers, electronics, oil paintings, craft supplies, wines and other belongings.  If in doubt, do some research so you’ll know which items require tender loving care.

Some climate-regulated facilities have what is called, ‘Dry Air Technology’.  It’s a fairly new approach which allows dry air to be pumped into specified units, at regular intervals, to eliminate any possibility of mold or mildew formation.

Climate-controlled storage provides the ideal environment for those belongings you wouldn’t be able to replace or would have a difficult time attempting to replace.  Don’t put your cherished belongings at risk!  Obviously, the cost of a climate-regulated unit would be more expensive due to the necessity of heating and cooling systems; but it would, certainly, be worth the extra expenditure for the preservation of those possessions that mean so much to you  and your family.

Karen enjoys writing.  She lives in the midwest and has three grandsons.  When she writes, she covers the topics of self storage and rv storage.

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