Tips to Help Cyclist Prevent Chafing

Posted by Deeson Arnibal June 25, 2013 Comments are off 514 views
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Cycling is a wonderful sport, and it can be a lot of fun to get involved in. Not only can you do it competitively, but you can also do it just for fun or just for the exercise. One thing that isn’t all that positive about cycling, however, is the chafing that can go along with it.

Luckily, there are a few ways that cyclists can help prevent chafing, and you might want to give some of these tips a try next time you are on your Merida mountain bike. If you do, your upper legs are sure to thank you!

Tips to Help Cyclist Prevent Chafing

Check Your Shorts

It is essential to wear biking shorts when cycling. Although you might be able to ride for a little while in another type of clothing, biking shorts are pretty much the only type of apparel that are appropriate for long rides. However, not all biking shorts are created equally.

Make sure that your bike shorts fit you correctly, first of all. Otherwise, they might cause unnecessary chafing and other types of discomfort. Along with looking for a pair that fits well, you might also want to spring for a more expensive pair if you will be doing a lot of riding. Although you might not want to shell out the cash for a new pair of biking shorts, buying a nice pair from a good, dependable brand can help you stay comfortable while you ride.

Get Out of the Seat

Getting out of your seat and standing to pedal every now and then can help to cut down on chafing. You might also want to take a break every now and then. Not only will this help cut down on chafing, but it can also help prevent you from hurting yourself.

Switch Seats

Although you might not realize it, the seat or “saddle” on your bike might be the culprit. Some people need narrower seats while others need wider ones, so don’t just go with the seat that came with your bike. Instead, try talking to a professional about the seat that is best for your size and your bike. You might get a lot more comfort after you switch saddles to one that is better for you.

Use Chafing Balm

There are plenty of anti-chafing balms available that are made just for cyclists, and using some of this balm on the skin that is most likely to get irritated can be very helpful. You can find these balms at most cycling supply stores or other athletic stores, or you can try using another type of balm, such as the one that is used on a cow’s udders. When you are looking at chafing balms, make sure that you choose a balm that doesn’t have water as a main ingredient; there will be plenty of water on your legs when you start sweating, and excess water in your chafing balm can cause the balm to wash off more quickly than you intend for it to.

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