Top Reasons To Move Away From Shared Web Hosting In 2013

Now that we’re embarking on a brand new year, it’s time for you, the business owner to re-think your web hosting needs and to figure out if you should stick to your current shared hosting plan or move on. It should be said that there’s nothing wrong with using a shared host but it’s definitely not for every business and especially for those businesses who thrive on network applications.

Here are a few reasons to move on from shared web hosting to dedicated hosting.

Your Requirements for Space and Bandwidth Have Grown
When you use shared hosting, you are limited to the amount of bandwidth and disk space you can use. If your business is growing rapidly and you find you need more space and bandwidth, you should definitely take the step and go with dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, your website will be the only site residing on the server so you won’t have to concern yourself with having to pay a bandwidth over-usage fee. This type of fee is typically charged in a shared hosting plan if a site owner goes over their bandwidth allotment.

No Down Time Worries
When you are using shared web hosting, another website could have an issue that could bring down the entire server. If that were to happen and it does often, your entire operation could come to a screeching halt which could prove disastrous to your business. A dedicated hosting service is much more robust and reliable. If your website is crucial to your business, you don’t want downtime or a slow connection. Shared web servers can’t guarantee much in the way of reliability so you should make the switch to a dedicated server to ensure business flow and continuity.

You Get More Control and Less Traffic Jams with Dedicated Hosting
When you are using dedicated web hosting, you are given far more control than what shared hosting offers. With dedicated web hosting, you never have to worry about another site’s bad script slowing down or crashing the server. Rather, you can only put the blame on yourself. And, because a dedicated server will only respond to requests for info coming from your website, visitors will never have to wait to view your web pages due to high traffic loads on other sites.

Dedicated Hosting is Secure
When you are sharing a server with other businesses, there are many things which are out of your control. Dedicated web hosting on the other hand gives you all the control you need for your growing business. You can either pay a web hosting provider like Siteground Hosting to manage everything for you so you can focus on what you are good at or you can manage everything yourself.

You can definitely take your business to the next level with dedicated web hosting. When you have a dedicated server, it will provide your website with more security, speed and up-time. You will have the power to reach far beyond the restrictions found in shared hosting and while dedicated hosting will cost you more, the benefits you receive will far outweigh the extra money you have to pay.

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