Top Tips For Packing Up When Moving Home

Moving house is a stressful enough affair at the best of times.  So ensuring that the packing process goes smoothly and is well organised can help to relieve some element of this stress.  If you’re about to move house soon, then read on for some top packing tips to help get you on your way.

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Plan ahead
Moving house requires a great deal of planning ahead, and this is no different for the packing process involved as well.  The sooner you can start planning and getting it organised, the easier life will be for you.  Leaving the packing to the last minute will only result in raised stress levels, as it’s likely to take much longer than you anticipate.

Get the boxes sorted
You’ll need plenty of cardboard boxes for moving, so try and get an estimate of how many you’re likely to need.  Be generous with your estimate, as you’ll probably need more than you realise.  Consider where you’re going to get your cardboard boxes from.  You can ask for used boxes from friends, family or at supermarkets, for example.  Otherwise, you can buy them from removals firms.  Always plump for sturdy boxes, though.  They need to be strong enough to carry the weight of the contents and not spill out during transit.

Aside from boxes, you’ll also need plenty of masking tape to secure the boxes together, as well as bubble wrap or newspaper to protect delicate items from damage.

Pack seldom-used items first
Start packing as soon as you can.  Many people often consider packing downwards through the house, so packing items from the attic first, and items from the kitchen last.  It makes good sense, as belongings in the attic are not likely to be needed during the foreseeable future so you can start packing them away as soon as possible.  You could also begin to pack clothes from the last season that you won’t need to wear for a while, books, ornaments, photos, etc.

Have an organised packing system
Don’t just throw random items into your cardboard boxes; have an organised packing system so that when you arrive at your new house, you can easily locate similar items.  For example, pack bathroom items in one cardboard box and clearly label it.  Pack kitchen equipment in another, etc.  Be careful not to overload the boxes, however.  Books in particular can get very heavy, and you might find that you can only get a small amount in the box before it gets weighed down.  Fill the rest of the box with light items such as cushions or pillows to pad it out.  Always write on the box a general description of the contents and which room it will go to when you’ve moved.

Wrap things up carefully if they are breakable or delicate and pack them around soft items or towels for added protection.  If you are worried about your contents, then consider taking out insurance, especially if you have other people doing the move for you.

Pack an essentials box
There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home, desperate for a cup of tea, only not being able to locate the basics such as kettle, tea bags, tea towel, cutlery, etc.  Before you move, pack an essentials box that contains all the must-have items that you’ll need once you get there.

Aside from your essentials box, make sure you have a box that keeps all your valuable documents together, such as passport, birth certificates, bank details, etc.  You might want to keep this box with you during the moving process.

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