Unusual Cocoa Health Benefits

Cocoa beans have been used for centuries for their great taste and numerous health benefits. In addition to being packed with antioxidants, which are great for preventing cell oxidation (therefore lowering the risk for cancer and premature aging), cocoa has several other health benefits that are less usual. Here you will find the top 5 unusual cocoa health benefits:

1. Natural Treatment For Depression
This exotic superfood is known for its anti-depression properties. The secret lies in theobromine, a naturally occurring stimulant that balances the chemical levels in the brain. This way, it not only treats depression, but it also prevents it in the long run – provided that you consume cocoa on a regular basis. Moreover, cocoa also improves that sense of alertness, and it can help people concentrate better.

2. Cocoa Has “Beautifying Properties”
Few people know that cocoa has several beautifying properties that can enhance your overall appearance in a fast, safe, efficient and natural manner. Cocoa is known to contain over 300 compounds that are highly beneficial for your brain, and which promote an overall sense of well-being. Some of them are calcium, magnesium and zinc, which are known for improving bone density (and this makes cocoa great for people with weak bones), and for strengthening your hair and nails.

3. It Can Lower Blood Pressure
Raw organic cocoa can lower blood pressure quickly and naturally, without any side effects, if consumed with moderation. In other words, raw cocoa is ideal for those who suffer from hypertension and want to treat their condition without using pills. The mechanism is quite simple: cocoa is very rich in arginine and nitric oxide, which are known for their potential to regulate blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure automatically decreases the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

4. Cocoa Improves Cognition And The Immune Function
Cocoa can also modulate the immune function by upregulating specific immune cells, and it can also improve one’s cognitive function – if consumed regularly, raw cocoa can increase brain oxygenation, therefore preventing diseases like dementia. Also, cocoa can detoxify your organism, given its high fiber contents which can help you body purge all the toxins and dangerous substances that have accumulated over the years. Body detoxification is a process that should be done regularly, to prevent complications and possible diseases. This is where cocoa steps in!

5. Cocoa Can Help You Lose Weight!
Last, but certainly not least, cocoa can also help you shed excess pounds. While chocolate is high in calories and can make you fat (given its high sugar content), raw cocoa can actually help your body burn fat at a faster pace. The secret lies in the cocoa polyphenols, which improve human digestion. Moreover, cocoa also has the ability to interfere with the body’s capacity to turn dietary fat into fatty tissue, therefore it prevents it from storing fat.

In conclusion, cocoa has numerous health benefits, both usual and unusual. One thing is for sure: cocoa must be part of everyone’s diet! No matter if you want to lose some weight, lower your blood pressure or improve your cognitive function, cocoa can help you do that quickly and without any side effects!

This article was researched and written by Genevie Garcia from Chocolate by Genevie. Chocolate by Genevie is an online chocolate delivery service that specialises in artisan Belgian chocolates. Genevie is a UK chocolatier dedicated to the craft of cocoa.

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