0800 Numbers: Do They Still Make Any Sense Nowadays?

Every time we purchase something, on the packaging we can find an 0800 customer care phone number, but does it still make sense to use such services in the digital era?  With many of today’s companies migrating their customer interactions online, the current debate is whether these services are now becoming outdated; or if they still serve a purpose in good business relationship management. We tried to outline the pros and cons of 0800 numbers over customer care services provided via the internet.

–          Point to 0800: many people think it’s better to talk straight to a real person without any delay in having a response and with the chance to have proper interaction with the company they need to contact. Real interaction is always better than speaking with a robot.

–          Point to internet provided customer service: Calling 0800 numbers from landline phones is free as we all know, but when it comes to calling from your mobile phone the picture changes. In fact it could be rather expensive and you never know how long the call is going to take.

–           Point to internet provided customer service: Faq’s sections on websites are great means to answer all the most common enquiries from customers. It’s very likely that call center operators spend their working hours answering the same few questions over and over again.

–          Point to internet provided customer service: allowing customers to get in touch with business via email brings a lot of advantages. Companies can take advantage of attachments  such as user’s guide, pictures and links to videos in order to provide for  the customer a better understanding of what needs to be done to sort their problem out.

–          Point to internet provided customer service: Most of us have experienced how frustrating is to be put on hold on the phone with a musical background for several minutes while we wait for a free operator to pick our call. Internet allows us to avoid this and most of times give us the answers we need straight away.

Summarising we found only one reason why 0800 numbers can be more efficient in providing assistance for consumers and we can draw the conclusion that providing internet customer care benefits both customers and companies. In fact it’s more cost effective, more direct and can rely on all the advantages that computer and technology can offer today.

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