10 Inspirational Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is almost upon us, flowers, trees and shrubs will soon be alive with leaves and blossoms. It’s time to start thinking about updating the decor around the interior of your home for the season of spring!

Perhaps you’re needing some Easter decorating ideas or you simply want to add some springtime color to your abode. We’ll illustrate how easy it can be to transform your home into a springtime entertaining area. From seasonal room makeovers to centerpiece and mantel display ideas you can transform your home without breaking a sweat. We’ll show you how to utilize colors themes and patterns to create lively springtime transformations. Here are ten spring decorating ideas:

Living Room

Create an inviting and lively looking living room filled with citrus colours. Place brightly coloured vases, filled with flowers. Add brightly patterned throw pillows to your couch and toss a coloured rug on the floor.

Breakfast Nook

One of the easiest ways to change the way that a space looks is by painting the walls with a new colour. For a breakfast nook you can choose a light springtime colour that evokes a feeling of happiness, then paint an accent wall or you could paint the entire room. Leftover fabric can make a nice pillow cover and matching table runner too.


Liven up your bathroom by replacing your mirror with a flat framed mirror. Cover your mirror frame with lively coloured fabric. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the walls and accent with complimentary coloured towels.


You can easily wrap a headboard with light coloured floral fabric and add some springtime zest to a bedroom. Purchase a couple of low priced picture frames then fill them with patterned fabric or paper to decorate bare walls.


Add a splash of spring decor to a sunroom with a painted floral motif rug. Toss a botanical print pillow onto a daybed and top your table with an elegant but understated white table runner.

Window Coverings

You can brighten up a Roman shade, just use masking tape to tape off vertical stripes. Then use a sponge to dab acrylic paint between the taped lines. After that dries you can use a brush to paint a zigzag pattern of vertical lines on the space that was covered by the tape.

Sitting Area

Have you ever seen carved ceiling rosettes? Those can be used to decorate walls at eye-level too and can add a little flair to any room.

Drawers & Lamp Shades

You can treat both drawers and lamp shades with botanical themed craft paper attached to the drawer fronts and lamp shades with spray adhesive.

Table Centerpieces

Place a smaller stemmed glassware inside of a small formal glass punch bowl. Partially fill punch bowl and small stemware with water. You can then place floating plants in both stemmed glass and punch bowl. Try water lettuce and floating moss, available at most garden centres.


You can liven up any wall in your house with a symmetrical arrangement of flowering prints that can turn any space into a warm place. To create these you can simply photograph flowers in your garden, then have them enlarged and printed. Then frame them in a simple wooden frame and hang them on your walls.

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