10 Shocking Earth Discoveries

Each and every day we will spend our lives on Earth, but isn’t it weird to think that we really don’t know that much about the place which we live in? You may think that we have had made many amazing discoveries over the years, but there is still so much more waiting to be discovered by us. There are hundreds, if not thousands of species of animals that we have not found yet and many which we don’t understand. Every single day on Earth we are able to discover a little more about the place which we live in, but for now here are 10 shocking discoveries that have been made on Earth.

1. The sea holds a large amount of salt, but no one quite understood how much until a study was completed on it. It is said that if we evaporated all the water in the sea, there would be enough salt to put a five hundred layer coating on everything on Earth. This now may give you a little idea to how big our seas really are.

2. To give you a better idea to how big our mountains are on Earth, the mountain which has the largest range is the Andes Mountain in South America. In total it is measured as 4,524 miles long. Now, imagine how long it took to measure that!

3. Earth travels and moves every single day, but no one quite knew what speed it use to travel at. Studies were completed to discover what speed the Earth travels at, it was found that it moves at a speed of 66,700 miles per hour, and we don’t feel a single thing.

4. There are still many volcanoes on Earth that have not yet been discovered, around 540 land volcanoes have currently been found. There are still many more waiting to be discovered, many of these will be undersea.

5. It was found that the sun disappears from Earth for months, in the High Artic. The will set in October and will not reappear until late February.

6. The animal which spreads the most disease in the world is the common housefly. They are known as the most dangerous animal in the world because of their disgusting habits.

7. Each and every year the Earth has around 1 million Earthquakes. Most of these are not even registered because they are so minor.

8. Every single metal object on Earth, such as stainless steel springs has an oxidized material on the surface. This prevents the metal objects joining and sticking together once it is taken out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

9. It has been discovered that the Earth is not actually round; in fact it is stated as an oblate spheroid. This means that instead of been evenly rounded, the top and bottom pole are a little flattened.

10. Records have shown that around 1,000 tonnes of dust falls from space each year, and that dust falls directly onto Earth.

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