10 Valentine’s Gifts Sure To Impress

Tired of giving and receiving the same old Valentine’s Day gifts year in, year out? Flowers and some heart-shaped candy won’t cut it again this year. Instead, why not try one of these original and thoughtful gift ideas.

Personalised chocolates

heart chocolates

Whether it’s the chocolate itself or the wrapper that you personalise, making this classic Valentine’s gift unique to you and your partner is a great twist on a standard Valentine’s day present. Find a quality chocolatier who provides personalised chocolates and give your significant other something delicious and memorable.

USB mix tape

At first it may not seem to have the same sentimental charm as an old cassette tape with your favourite soppy love songs recorded off the radio, but a USB mix tape has just the same value. Put together an hour or so of you and your partners’ favourite songs, featuring ones that hold particular relevance to your relationship.



Orchids are unique and beautiful. What makes them a great idea for Valentine’s Day is that they aren’t roses. They’re exciting, different, beautiful and romantic at the same time.

Heart locket

It may seem corny, but a heart-shaped locket is a simple and yet sentimental gift that your partner is likely to treasure. Perhaps even get it engraved and make it all the more meaningful.

A fitted shirt

Collared shirt

A great gift for him. If you live together or have access to his wardrobe, find a shirt that you know fits him well and take it to a professional tailor, who can then get exact measurements for a new shirt. Choose a pattern and colour you know he’ll like, and for a touch of extra class, ask the tailor to embroider his initials on the cuff.

Personalised pillow cases

An easy way to create a highly personalised gift is to buy a pair of plain white pillow cases and paint a design of your choice on each one. A good tip is to paint one design split between the two pillows, so they look good next to each other. A simple “HIS” and “HERS” would look neat too.

Relive an important moment


Take him or her back to the place you first met, or the place you first kissed. This is a romantic way to celebrate your relationship so far and what is yet to come.

A picnic

Weather permitting, take your special one outdoors to the nearest park, forest, beach, or whatever beautiful natural setting you can find. Some sunshine, good food and a gorgeous view are a great way to spend a day together.

For the artistically inclined


Whether you paint, sculpt, write or perhaps play a musical instrument, make something special and personal for someone you love and present it to them on Valentine’s Day. Pull it off right and the memory will last longer than any other gift.

Favour tickets

Write or print out slips, each one exchangeable for something like a back massage, doing the dishes, or spring-cleaning the house, and staple them together. But remember, you’ll have to deliver on your promises!

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