10 Vibrant & Contemporary Compact Kitchen Designs

Not everyone has abundant kitchen space. Unfortunately, in some homes, kitchen space is too small and it becomes uncomfortable to cook and dine. Thus, today home designers all across the globe are coming up with a growing and popular concept of compact kitchen design. A compact kitchen unit can accommodate all those required kitchen supplies in a confined space. In fact, even a single square meter is adequate to have an apt and fully functional compact kitchen space. Here are 10 vibrant and contemporary compact kitchen designs for you:

1.    Compact Modular Kitchen
This tiny modular kitchen is one of the most prominent ones and thus, the number one position. This particular kitchen accommodates just a single square meter in closed form and serves as a great dining area. There is an oven, refrigerator, cook top and storage area for storing various kitchen tableware and supplies.

2.    Circle Compact Kitchen
This specific compact kitchen design is apt for small rooms. This kitchen occupies around 1.8 square meter space and has all the important features of a usual kitchen. This kitchen is fully circular in shape, rotates at 180 degrees, and includes everything that you need in a kitchen from sink, dishes, dishwasher and microwave.

3.    Customizable Compact Kitchen
This kitchen design lets you to customize a kitchen space for tabletop needs. It takes a surface area of around one square meter and has two modules that are convertible from compact cube to an airy cooking space with half dozen of various configurations. It includes a counter top to cook and preparation, kitchen sink, gas port and storage space.

4.    360 Degrees Compact Kitchen
This is a flexible mobile compact kitchen unit that has different areas to cleanup, eat and cook. You also get shelves for storage purposes that can rotate at 360 degrees.

5.    Luxury Compact Kitchen
This is a lavish and compact kitchen unit for those who favor an eccentric and practical kitchen. It has all the essential kitchen appliances that you require.

6.    All-Inclusive Mobile Compact Kitchen
It is a mobile kitchen unit, which combines in all the necessary elements of a usual kitchen into a single compact kitchen design. It accommodates several essentials and comes with an in-built dining table that can accommodate four persons, shelving system, drying rack and a sink.

7.    Integrated Compact Kitchen
This particular compact kitchen incorporates all the essential culinary elements into a single furniture piece. You may store all those small kitchen items such as pots, bowls and food in the silicon panels of this unit. Further, you may even transform it into a dining table.

8.    Come Together Compact Kitchen
It is a collapsible compact kitchen unit designed to help you rejoice that suppertime with your loved ones. It integrates all the essential cooking stuffs and allows a decent and compact serving counter for three guests.

9.    Grandma’s Style
This is one of most innovative and fresh version of a yesteryear kitchen dresser. Grandma’s compact kitchen unit serves as a kitchen as well as dining room. When in closed form, it represents a two-dimensional view of a dining room scenario. It even includes a couple of chairs, table and a lamp. Most importantly, it gives out an excellent minimalist look.

10.    Convertible Compact Kitchen
It is a compact kitchen unit sufficing the needs of every individual as well as occupies the least space.

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