10 Ways To Combat The Effects Of The Clocks Going Back

It turns out you’re not alone when it comes to low mood as a result of the clocks going back. Luckily, the clever people at Contura, a Scandinavian wood-stove manufacturer, have provided us Brits with a list of Scandi-inspired ‘Happiness Hacks’.

10 Ways To Combat The Effects Of The Clocks Going Back

Declutter and Clean

We all hate cleaning, but actually, a cleaner house can really improve the mood, especially if you make an effort to declutter as you do it.

Fake It, Naturally

Creating natural-style light has long proved successful in treating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). To do this, invest in lamps which advertise themselves as imitating natural daylight.

Better Smells

A good smell can raise your spirits. Invest in an essential oil burner, or even just a plugin and choose a warming festive scent.

10 Ways To Combat The Effects Of The Clocks Going Back

Get Daylight When You Can

Make the most of every bit of daylight. Of course, when you work 9-5 this can be hard, but try to spend as much of your breaks and lunch hour outside, despite the cold.

Giving Back

Doing something for someone else, however small, can give us a sense of well-being.

Discover Hygge

Despite sounding like a marketing ploy, Hygge is a real thing. It’s a Danish term for a sense of happiness, coziness, and well-being – the closest word we have is ‘comfort’. But it means also spending time doing the things you like, such as having friends over for a warming mulled wine on a chilly Sunday.

Soundtrack the Winter

Music lifts the mood, to create a playlist of your most energetic or heart-warming songs and play throughout the winter whenever you feel low. If you work in a shop, office, pub or cafe, suggest your boss installs in-store music such as the service provided by https://moodmedia.co.uk, and select the most mood-lifting of playlists.

Get Set, Bake!

It may sound like poppycock, but the therapeutic benefits of baking are increasingly being proved by everyone from mental health experts to everyday cake makers. Time to get your bake on!


Whilst we’re on baking, did you know that chocolate naturally releases endorphins? That makes it scientifically good for us.

A Good Book

Nothing takes you away from the daily grind like a good book.

So there you have it, ten happiness hacks you can start today.