10 Ways To Stay Organized With Evernote

There are two types of apps in this world- the apps that do one thing very well, and the apps that have multiple purposes. Then there’s Evernote, which on one hand does organization very well, and on the other hand extends its service across a broad range of activities.

For some people, Evernote might be overwhelming in all its diverse applications. However with its cross-platform support, Evernote can very easily serve as that go-to application for any specific organizational task. Here are ten different and specific uses for the app to make your life just a little bit easier:

Evernote Web Clipper
This tool allows you to save snippets of your online activity with the click of a mouse. Whether it be a snapshot of an article you stumbled across during a research project, or the photography you sneak glimpses of in between searches, the Evernote Web Clipper allows you to create an aggregate of personalized content with ease.

Public and Shared Notebooks
You can create and share notebooks with other individuals with this feature. Public notebooks can be shared with others with the use of a public link that can be posted anywhere, allowing anyone to “join” it. Premium Evernote users are able to grant selective access to other users.

Voice and Audio Notes
Evernote is great for those of you with messy handwriting, who are in a rush, or who are just plain lazy. This feature pampers that need in that it allows you to capture the moment whenever you decide to think out loud, be it an appointment reminder or a pre-meeting brainstorm.

Some of us are visual learners, and get more out of a simple diagram than we ever could extrapolate from a lengthy block of text. Think circles, swatches, underlines, and checkmarks instead of detailed captions or appendices.

Evernote Food
Some of our fondest memories often revolve around food- from favourite restaurants to comfort food recipes. Evernote is very aware of this, and provides a single place to collect and remember all things food related in the form of Evernote Food.

Remember that earlier point about laziness regarding handwritten tasks? Some people actually like writing by hand. Even more bizarre is that some people claim that it’s easier for them. Evernote clearly respects this, providing a realistic writing experience for tablet users.

Evernote Hello
If you’re using Evernote in the first place, you’re probably a very busy person who meets a lot of people, and has a hard time putting names to faces. Or you’re just not very good at remembering people. Whatever the case, Evernote Hello creates a searchable history of people, places and experiences for remembering made easy.

Evernote and Google Calendar Integration
This feature allows you to post Google Calendar events to Evernote as notes. Now there really is no excuse to miss that dentist appointment or to forget that extra shift at work, as every event you make note of can be synced across all your devices.

Evernote Peek
Combine all of your text and audio notes with images and create effective study material for school or otherwise with this feature. What’s great about this feature is that it can be integrated with Smart covers for iPads or other tablet devices. Simply lift the flap to see the answers to your own questions when studying.

Evernote Business
From company documents to projects and research, Evernote Business allows you quick and easy access to all of your company’s knowledge in any shape or form. Use business notebooks to further organize information for easier retrieval.

As you can see, you can do amazing things with Evernote.  What feature or app do you find most useful in Evernote?

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Shannon Ryan is the social media and online community manager for the Nusite Group, a Toronto based specialty trades group.

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