2 Simple Ways To Prevent UTI’s

What exactly is a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI?
A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is when the urinary tract, the ‘tube’ that connects the bladder to the urinary opening in the penis or vagina, becomes infected and painful.  Practically all UTI’s are cause by the bacteria E.Coli and indeed this common bacteria is the perpetrator of about 90% of all UTIs that women experience.

Speaking of which, women get UTI’s much more frequently than men.  Doctors believe that this is because the urinary opening in the vagina is much closer to the rectum than the urinary opening in the penis.  This proximity to the rectum exposes the vagina, and the urinary opening located there, to cross contamination from the rectum and the bounty of E.Coli located there due to our feces.

Lowering the risk of UTIs is not difficult.
There are a number of easy ways to prevent UTI’s and, when you do have them,  to heal them more quickly. Let’s talk about prevention first.

One of the easiest ways to prevent a UTI is to always take great care in wiping after a bowel movement. Contamination of the urinary tract happens mostly when a woman is careless.  If you’re prone to UTI’s a good idea would be to have a bidet (a special toilet) to wash completely and right away after every bowel movement with soap and water.

Also, cranberry juice has been shown to greatly reduce the chance of getting a UTI, prevent further infections and, if you’re having a UTI, clear it quicker. Unsweetened is best. There are certain chemicals (see below) in the juice that are incredibly helpful and it is perfectly natural and safe, even if you drink a lot of it.

Meet D Mannose, a natural UTI preventative.
A naturally occurring sugar molecule d mannose is found in abundance in cranberry juice and can also be taken in supplement  form. The interesting thing about d mannose, and the reason it’s so good for treating and preventing UTIs, is that it is very hard for the human body to metabolize this sugar (break it down during digestion).  Normally this would be a negative factor but, in the case of d mannose, it actually will ‘cling’ to E Coli bacteria and, since it’s not being absorbed, pass through the urinary tract with the offending bacteria and flush out of the body and into the toilet during urination. It’s like a natural bacteria flush and thus excellent for UTI prevention.

Conclusion;  Supplement D Mannose
UTI’s are not a lot of fun and, if you’re suffering, you should supplement d mannose as soon as your first symptoms appear. Generally 2 grams every 4 hours for 48 hours will clear a UTI without need for antibiotics. In my experience it’s more economical to buy d mannose powder rather than capsules when using such large amounts.  It’s important to also drink plenty of fluids including water and if possible, cranberry juice  The best thing about drinking cranberry juice is that it provides a high amount of other nutritional benefits, including vitamin C a

Jane Foster is a health and fitness enthusiast that writes on many issues including the one cloest to her heart, UTI’s. After suffering from UTI’s for a number of years she found natural cures were superior to antibiotics for prevention and treatment. Currently shes an intern at www.jgsupplements.com where she writes numerous heath articles.

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