2012- The Year In Fitness And Exercise

2012 was a big year for sports in the UK. We hosted the Olympics which sparked a huge interest in many of the sports featured. Young adults saw role models in the athletes and were encouraged to try the sports for themselves making previously unpopular sports shoot back onto the radar. This combined with the governments marketing scheme to get people active has resulted in us all being a little more health conscious and taking part in more sports and exercise. So which were the most popular sports of 2012 and what’s to come for 2013?

Velodrome Cycling
Due to the cycling in the Olympics the popularity of the sport rose immensely causing the few velodromes in the UK to have mass interest with classes being fully booked. This fast paced  and adrenaline spiking sport proved to be very popular in the summer but the buzz has died down since so it may not be so popular come summer 2013.

Until 2012 99% of had probably never heard of Zumba, now I imagine 99% of can’t get away from the word. Mainly popular with women, Zumba classes popped up in gyms and sports halls all over the country. This fast paced dance based class is a fun way of getting fit. Due to the popularity games for the Wii console launched so we can now do Zumba from the comfort of our own homes. Zumba was actually created in the 1990’s, but it’s not until 2012 that it was made popular.

Most of us probably wouldn’t have thought there was any room for growth in football, but 2012 saw an increase in people signing up to football clubs. Football for kids saw the biggest increase as parents have been forced to focus on their children’s health and fitness. Due to a good year in football and an increase in people trying to keep fit football saw a rise in 2012 and this is expected to continue throughout 2013.

Swimming And Diving
Another one made popular by the Olympics, swimming has increased in popularity. The UK was behind the young swimmers in the Olympics in full force and watching them caused us to take up the sport ourselves. Some of us even decided to learn to dive and diving classes saw an influx in interest. Although the interest in diving has reduced again swimming is always a strong favourite. The sport is great exercise that doesn’t feel too trying. During swimming you exercise and tone every part of your body, so it’s obvious why it’s so popular.

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Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Sports 4 Kids and would reccomend them for football classes for kids in Reading.

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