2013 Jobs: Top 3 Industries For Veterans

In today’s job market it pays to be skilled and knowledgeable when choosing a profession. Individuals that can devise ideas and execute them, will always find a place of employment. As a veteran you have been trained in a variety of skill sets that provide the aptitude and endurance to get the jobs done. There are a variety of factors one should consider while searching for jobs, but it helps to begin with an industry that values your experience.

Here are three industries which rank highest in veteran employment:

1) Health Care Industry
There’s nothing more exhilarating than performing open-air surgery on a sucking chest wound, sweat dripping from your forehead. Then helicoptering off to the next call. It’s no wonder why veterans are more than qualified to carry out medical procedures effectively and efficiently. Military personnel are trained to work in fast-paced environments which makes for easy transition to civilian health care jobs. Many are well versed in medical jargon and procedures, in addition to similar patient loads, making the transition even smoother.

Throughout the country, government policies regarding health care are experiencing a major overhaul. As our population ages, the need for workers to assist is poised to increase: demand outweighs supply. Healthcare companies value the experience of veterans and are willing to hire, often with no additional education required. Doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative positions are all in great demand, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

A good place to begin looking for health care jobs is your local VA hospital and healthcare facilities. They have the resources and advisors to get you going in the right direction.

2) Information Technology Industry
Every day we are reminded of the great sacrifice our men and women of the armed forces make when we see pictures of their lives sent via ipods, computers and cameras. These devices have become an integral part of the military, whom employ training and education in the fields of computer science, engineering and project management. Often these positions translate very well into private sector IT jobs, the highest paying jobs around.

With billions invested into R&D: Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop all have large aerospace, weapons and chemicals divisions. They’re looking for highly educated and dependable individuals who specialize in large, complex, international projects. Military experience is often a plus in these sorts of positions, which include: engineers, technicians, project managers, brand representatives, human resources, and finance.

3) Government and Law Enforcement
Every year our nations cities grow to new heights and lows. Local governments are in constant need of those with a sense of service and commitment. From protecting your country, to protecting your community, law enforcement is often a seamless transition from military service.

Usually the most directly applicable jobs, law enforcement positions require discipline, firearm skills and experience handling difficult situations. Depending on where you choose to work, many of the city jobs are well suited for veterans returning from active duty and other occupational specialties. In addition, many law enforcement agencies offer extra incentives to veterans, such as: supplemental pay, credits toward retirement and education waivers. Veterans are also eligible for the On-The-Job-Training (OJT) program through the Veterans Administration (VA), which allows you to supplement G.I. benefits for income while you attend the police academy.

The best jobs in government and law enforcement include: police officers, FBI agents, security officers, finance and human resources.

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Lenny Victor is a security officer and guest author art Best Colleges Online, where he contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Best Military Degrees.

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