3 Advanced Nursing Positions That Do Not Require A MSN

Are you interested in advancing in your nursing career but do not want to go back to school right now? If so, then you will be very happy to know that there are several advanced nursing positions that you can get without earning a MSN. Below are three advanced nursing positions that do not require that you attend graduate school:

Certified Dialysis Nurse
A certified dialysis nurse is a professional who provides care to patients who are receiving dialysis. This is one of the fastest growing specialties in nursing. Certified dialysis nurses are in high demand because the number of patients requiring dialysis is increasing. One of the benefits of being a certified dialysis nurse is that you will probably be able to work a standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift. That is something that many nurses are unable to do.

In order to become a certified dialysis nurse, you will need to have a valid RN license. You will also need to spend 2,000 hours taking care of nephrology patients. Those hours will need to be completed two years before submitting your application. Furthermore, you will need to take complete 15 credit hours in nephrology and take a certification test. The average salary for a certified dialysis nurse is $63,500 per year.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
If you are interested in getting a job outside of a clinic or hospital, then you should definitely consider becoming a certified legal nurse consultant. Certified legal nurse consultants can work for law offices, private corporations or insurance companies. Some certified legal nurse consultants work from their homes.

A certified legal nurse consultant is responsible for providing consultation on medical-related legal cases. The specific job duties of a certified legal nurse consultant includes things such as researching, reviewing medical records, identifying standards of care, locating expert witnesses and preparing reports.

You will need to possess a current RN license if you are interested in this job. However, you do not need a bachelor’s degree. The average salary for a certified legal nurse consultant is $62,100 per year.

Nurse Researcher
This is another great job if you are seeking a job outside of a hospital or clinic. Nurse researchers typically work for private companies or health-policy non-profits. They play a very important role in improving health care for patients. Nurse researchers are responsible for researching pharmaceutical, nursing and medical practices or products. After they have conducted their researchers, they create a report based on their findings.

You will need to have a BSN if you want to get a job as a nursing researcher. However, it is important to note that many employers prefer to hire nurses who have a master’s degree or doctorate degree. The average salary for a nurse researcher is $95,000 per year. This is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs that you can get without a master’s degree.

Certified dialysis nurse, certified legal nurse consultant and nurse researcher are just a few of the nursing jobs that you can get without earning a MSN. These jobs are not only flexible and high-paying, but they can also be rewarding.

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