3 Elegant Design Elements of Wine Cellar Interior for a Stunning Statement

 As a designer of wine cellar, it often amazes me is that this one part of a home can be such a dynamic space, offering numerous possibilities in terms of design and finish. It is almost like painting on a canvas where you can give wings to your imagination. One of the biggest advantages of designing a home wine cellar is that it is given from the beginning that it will be extremely luxurious and sophisticated. And that is why there won’t be any dearth of investment. So, you can go to any extent to create a stunning wine cellar using all your creative powers.

So, if you are browsing through the internet and looking for inspiration, then you are in the right place. There are numerous materials on a basic element of the wine cellar. Everyone knows about the cellars and their basic requirements. But when it comes to the design and the appeal, you will find minimum. So, in the following points, I am going to tell you about a few design essentials that will help you create a stunning modern wine cellar that will turn you into an exhibitionist.

The Seamless Feeling

Unlike the ancient cellars at homes, the modern wine cellars are an essential part of the home interior design. It takes the place of pride in the middle of the living area and creates an undeniable statement of luxury and class. So, for such a stellar feature for your home, you surely don’t want it look alien from the entire design of the room. Rather, the look and feel should be like it is an integral part of your interior designing scheme. For such a look, use a few tricks. Use the same flooring as well as ceiling for the cellar just like rest of the room. For example, if the floor of your living room has hardwood texture, use the same touch on the cellar floor too. The ceiling of the cellar should look exactly how it is for the rest of the room. Now, enclose it with glass walls and doors so that you get your dear cozy nook for storing and showing the wine collection. Glass has an ingrained appeal of elegance and modernity. Use it to your advantage. If you look for the best wine cellars Houston, you will find out there are many wine lovers followed this design scheme.

Make the Bottles Main Attraction

For a wine cellar, the biggest advantage is that it doesn’t need any other focal point or the centerpiece to attract attention. In a cellar, it will always be the vintage rare bottles of wine, stacked on the racks that will demand all the spotlights. When you are creating a cellar for your home, make the bottles the main attraction in the cellar. Invest in the racks that will offer you ample space to store an extensive collection of wine while satiating your needs as an exhibitionist. You can customize the racks for wine cellars Houston with lights too so that it can help you create a perfect show for the collection. However, while going with this idea, make sure you are consulting the designer and investing in the right lights so that it emits minimum UV rays which actually can temper with the aging process of the wine, manipulating its taste and aroma.

Go Minimal but Hardly Monotonous

Minimalism has a sophisticated appeal to it. No wonder, with modern designers, minimalism is such a favored choice. When you are designing the interior of your precious wine cellar, go minimal. Choose one color palette, preferably monochrome and weave the magic with that hue. You can create contrast with black walls and racks with white flooring and ceiling. If you are wondering whether it will look monotonous, then don’t worry. You have the option of adding accent or color in the interior. Place an indigo couch or add two golden accented vintage-looking armchairs in the cellar. If you have an old cellar, then you can use this idea for wine cellar restoration too.

So, now as you know how you can create a stunning and aesthetically attractive wine cellar in your home, what are you waiting for? Hire an expert designer and discuss your ideas with them.


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