3 Excellent Retirement Options In Panama

Panama is a very popular retirement spot that offers a lot of diversity for those looking for a great place to spend their retirement years. Panama is not a large country but it is a very interesting one, which is why foreigners have been settling down to enjoy their golden years here for decades. It has everything you could ask for, starting with some of the most beautiful land you’ll ever see. From the sandy beaches to the exotic rainforest, the sights and attractions are amazing.

The Panama Canal is a major hub for trading and commerce, so you can find almost any type of service or product that you could ever imagine. In addition, Panama City is an International banking center and U.S. currency is well accepted. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about currency exchange and all the problems that go with it.

Another incentive for retiring in Panama is the Pensionado program. This offers foreign retirees special discounts and benefits that can save you up to fifty percent on necessities such as prescription medicines and so much more.

Another great thing that Panama has going for it is the cost of living is very affordable. Living in the city is a little more expensive than other areas of Panama but even there, it’s a lot cheaper than many other places.

Now that you know all of the good reasons for retiring in Panama, here are three excellent retirement options to choose from:

Panama City

Panama City is an excellent retirement option because you’re so close to everything. Since this is a major world travel hub, you have access to International shopping, banking, many great restaurants and a wide variety of activities to enjoy.

The roads are in good shape making commuting easy so you can go wherever you want to within the city without any problems. It’s important to know that the weather is usually hot and steamy inside the city all year long. Therefore, if you’re not used to it, you may have a hard time adjusting.

The Beach Area

The beaches in Panama are some of the most gorgeous you’ll ever see with white sandy beaches, blue water and a relaxing environment. If you’re searching for a laid-back lifestyle for your retirement, this is a great option. The most popular Panama retirement beach area is near the town of Las Tablas. It’s a safe, friendly town located on the Pacific Coast side of Panama.

It’s perfect for someone who enjoys relaxing on the beach, swimming and fishing and for those who don’t mind the hot, humid weather. However, it is s a four-hour drive from Las Tables to Panama City and mostly Panamanians live in this town so most everyone speaks Spanish. If you plan to retire here, it’s a good idea to know at least some Spanish.

The Mountain Region

If you’re not crazy about the hot and humid weather all year long but you still want to retire in a beautiful, unique environment, consider the mountain regions of Panama. One of the best mountain areas to retire in is Boquete. This town is the most developed mainly because foreigners have been retiring here for more than ten years.

While knowing some Spanish is beneficial, you could live in this area comfortably without speaking Spanish since so many people do speak English. The only drawback for some retirees would be that Boquete is not easy to access. To get there, you have to take a flight from the capital of Panama to David, which is a forty-five minute flight. From David, it’s another half hour drive to Boquete, so it’s not for everyone.

With all the benefits and diversity that retiring in Panama offers, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the top retirement locations in the world.

Have you ever visited Panama? What did you find the most fascinating about this amazing country?

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