3 High Stress, High Reward Jobs In Education

The field of education is a hot topic. It is always on the news, from current events, to the race to the top as America attempts to compete with the world in math and sciences. While the field of teaching offers a lower pay scale as compared to other fields, there are some high reward jobs in education. However, it is important to note that stress comes hand in hand with the job. Education is a demanding field and is not for the faint of heart. It will require gumption and a gearing up every day to keep motivational levels high. That being said, for those interested, here are three high stress, high reward jobs in education.
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1.A Law Professor
Law professors can expect to make at least $100,000 in post secondary positions as they prepare students for the legal field. They have opportunities for higher salaries nearing the $200,000 range depending on location, experience, and degrees.

The amount of information that has to be covered in order to become a lawyer is absolutely staggering. Those qualified to teach in this field must be extremely competent. As a result, they are rewarded for their efforts. Candidates interested in this position will find the most opportunities in larger cities and in regions that are known for their law universities, such as Harvard. Expectations and accountability are high, meaning stress levels will be high as well.

2. A Healthcare Professor
Post secondary professors in the medical field can expect to have lucrative salaries with an average of nearly $100,000 and the opportunity to make up to the range of nearly $200,000, a far cry from the elementary or secondary education teacher.

Healthcare professors have extremely demanding positions. If they do not teach their students well and provide the proper guidance, disaster could result. While the salary is rewarding, it is important to recognize the strain involved in this teaching job. On the flip side, there is great personal satisfaction in preparing future generations of healthcare providers. More opportunities lie in the cities and at medical colleges.

3. An Administrator
Individuals can choose administration in education for a competitive salary rate that can range anywhere from $85,000 to $130,000 depending on the region and personal qualifications. In the past, administrators in elementary and secondary education would be master teachers who taught for many years in their profession before applying that expertise in a position of leadership. Today, individuals can choose to pursue a degree in educational administration without actually having any teaching experience.

Educational administration will result in a satisfying salary. However, the job is stressful. It involves the hiring and firing of staff members, disciplinary action, maintaining safety, interaction with the community,budget management when funding is becoming more limited in the field, and long hours. Student behaviors, irate parents, and threats of violence overshadow the perks offered by this occupation. Sandy Hook and Columbine loom large in the minds of many administrators throughout this country. Those in the trenches face great challenges on a daily basis. A person who chooses this field is not in it simply for the money. There has to be great dedication to the field and a devotion to future generations of America.

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