3 Ideas Of How Customized T-Shirts Can Help Grow Your Business

Promotional products such as InkHead customized t-shirts, for example, are shaking things up in an industry that is sometimes short on innovation and an age when this type of product is a dime a dozen. These innovators are finding new ways to make their clients’ brands stand out in ways that leave a positive, lasting impression.

Most of us have probably seen some sort of rather forgettable customized clothing options, regardless of whether we remember them or not. The key is offering fans and current or potential customers a product that will be comfortable, stylish and usable. Most importantly, the brand logo must be visible without being overwhelming.

Here are a few ways that promotional trendsetters are leading the way in branded shirts.

1. Every Lady’s Favorite Fitted Favorite
The problem with most promotional tops is that they are one-size-fits-all, formless, unstructured and low in quality. The only place this piece of clothing type gets worn is around the house or while doing chores and running errands. Is this how you want your branding and logo to be remembered? Probably not.

However, if you offer lightweight, 100% combed ringspun cotton tops in an array of colors and a soft baby jersey knit, your promotional product could become a lady’s favorite that she will love to wear wherever she goes. When she feels good in your giveaway gift, she’ll look good in it, and so will your brand.

2. An Organic Fashion Fit
Guys don’t want to wear a formless, generic top any more than the ladies do these days, which is why you need to offer something conscious of fit, fashion and even the environment, if you want to appeal to your target market in the most positive way. There are a variety of different fits, cuts, styles and colors for men, ranging from fitted to long-sleeved tees in v-neck and standard cuts.

Quality online promotional product companies also offer organic options for customers who are concerned with the environment. With a subtly placed logo that positively displays your brand, you will be able to get the most out of your efforts every time a guy wears his gift out. Remember: The better he looks, the better you will look.

3. Sportswear Dry-Wicking Tees
Whether you are involved in the sporting and athletics industry or just catering to an active crowd, a professional dry-wicking tee will be a useful product to offer either as a promotion or a branded item for sale. Every time someone wears your shirt out running, jogging, rollerblading, rock-climbing, hiking, cycling or to play a sport like basketball or soccer, everyone around them will see your logo. The positive image of an athlete in motion will be like free advertising for your brand every time they wear it!

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