3 Police Blogs Criminal Justice Students Will Love

Criminal justice students often think of police blogs as deadly serious efforts that have little room for humor. However, not all aspects of law enforcement are grim. In some parts of the country, pubic safety officers might face nothing more dangerous than a porcupine loose in a local bar while patrons climb on top of bar stools to avoid being poked by the creature. They may receive 911 calls because someone saw a black bear by a rural creek. These types of crimes are common in rural Alaska, and one small northern community’s law enforcement blotter has even been made into a book.

Skagway Police and Fire Blotter
The Skagway Police and Fire Blotter has been entertaining locals as well as lower forty-eight readers for years. However, nothing on the blotter is fiction. From marauding porcupines to suspicious bear activity, the Skagway Police blotter documents all of the questionable activity that occurs in the community. Profits from the book go in part to support the Skagway Police Department’s annual Bicycle Rodeo.

Clumsy Crooks
Because most criminal justice students are all too aware of the dangerous aspects involved in their chosen profession, they often appreciate the levity provided by blogs such as Clumsy Crooks. This blog chronicles the adventures of such stellar examples of intelligence as the man who tried to sent three boxes of methamphetamine and 100 grams of cocaine to the Philippines via Federal Express. He was caught when he went to the FedEx office to inquire as to why his packages did not arrive at their intended destination.

Another star of Clumsy Crooks is a woman who called 911 in the early hours of the morning claiming to have trapped a household intruder in a box. When officers arrived, the box was empty and the woman explained that the man had escaped by jumping out. However, police found no one inside the house and no evidence that a break-in had taken place. An almost-empty liquor bottle and one glass were, however, found on the kitchen table. The woman was cited for misuse of 911 services.

Cops Alive
On a more serious note, working in law enforcement is understandably stressful. Burnout rates are high, and anxiety and depression are common among those employed in this particular field. Cops Alive is a blog that aims to assist law enforcement personnel in surviving their careers. This blog offers real information on how officers and others in law enforcement can remain emotionally intact while excelling at their very difficult jobs.

Cops Alive features a Police Wellness Project that focuses on assisting law enforcement officers all over the planet to live healthy and happy lives. The Project features interactive discussions and surveys. The information gleaned by those working on the Police Wellness Project will be used to compile a special report that will be available for free to all police officers in all countries.

Cops Alive also offers training to officers and other law enforcement personnel in strategies and techniques that can help them to overcome the negative effects of the stresses involved in their line of work.

Many other worthwhile blogs exist on the subject of law enforcement. Some are small, personal blogs created by individual officers that offer their own unique perspective on their careers. Other blogs are larger and have many different contributors.

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