3 Psychology Careers That Don’t Require A Master’s Degree

Psychology may seem like one of those fields where you either have to go to school forever or you end up working in an area outside of your undergraduate degree. However, there are psychology careers which only require a bachelor’s degree. Some of these areas do call for additional certification depending on the state you want to work in. Mostly, these careers have entry-level or higher positions for psychology majors without master’s degrees or plans to continue on to higher education. They can also be good jobs if you have not yet decided whether to continue with your education in psychology.
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Psychiatric Technician
A psychiatric technician works closely with nurses and psychiatrists to assist people who have mental health problems or developmental disabilities. The job of a psychiatric technician may require no more than a high school equivalency diploma at some levels, but to advance, a bachelor’s degree is required. Some states also require certification. Psychiatric technicians might work in a variety of environments including mental hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, jails or prisons, home health care and more. This is a good field for people who want to work directly with vulnerable populations.

Mental Health Case Managers
This has some overlap with social work, and like some social workers, psychology case managers will interview people, conduct assessments and develop treatment plans. Case managers may work with child protective services, in crisis intake centers and in other types of hospitals, clinics and government agencies. Case managers might work with people who need assistance with such necessities as food, heat or housing. The focus may be on families or it may be on children, adolescents or adults. This might be a good field to consider for those who would like to work closely with people but are also organized and good at record-keeping and analysis.

Children, crime victims, people with disabilities and many other types of people need advocates. Advocates are individuals who help others work their way through difficult legal, medical and other types of red tape and advocate for the best interests of their clients. They may accompany clients to court. Advocate jobs may be found in domestic violence shelters, police stations and with various government agencies and community organizations among others. Advocacy work can be difficult and unpredictable, but an advocate can be a crucial ally for people who otherwise have none. Advocates may also be key in bringing victims’ issues before governments and to the public as well as educating the public about those issues.

These are only a few of the careers available in the field of psychology for those without bachelor’s degrees. Some social work positions as well as work in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, public health and other areas are also options. Generally, the jobs involve working directly with people who are at difficult stages in their lives. This means that the work can be stressful, and most of the jobs require excellent interpersonal skills. Despite the pressures, these are important jobs, and all of them can be rewarding for the right person.

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