3 Simple Steps To Improving Home Security

Feeling safe at home is hugely important, and there are a number of inexpensive yet effective ways to improve your home security systems. Begin by taking these three simple steps to deter potential intruders and minimise the chance of a breakin:

Security Lights

Security lights- automatic lights that detect movement around your property- are key to effective home security. It is wise to install them at both the front and rear of the house in case of intruders. They are reasonably cheap and do not require any maintenance or any manual configuration. Particularly effective during the winter months when the days are much shorter, these lights not only alert you when someone is at the door but give the impression that someone is at home, even when your house is empty. They can also increase your sense of security when leaving/ entering the house at night.

Locks and Bolts

Of course, the most effective security method is to ensure that all windows and doors are locked, and it is wise to get into the habit of checking the house before you go to bed and before you go out. Additional locks and bolts can also be highly effective as thieves will generally target houses that they can break into quickly and quietly. The more levels of defense you have, the safer your property will be. Consider adding pins to sash windows, bars across particularly vulnerable windows and deadlocks to your doors. Doors with three locks- central, top and bottom- are exceedingly difficult to break into.

Alarm Systems

Homes with visible alarm systems are about four times less likely to be targeted by thieves. When purchasing an alarm system for your house it is always wise to speak to a home security professional to ensure that you invest in the right system and don’t spend more than you need to. By having motion sensors in multiple rooms of the house you can rest assured that any breakin will be detected and the alarm triggered. As well as providing a clear indication to your neighbours or passerby that something is amiss, any potential intruder approaching the house will spot your alarm box on the outside of the building and think twice about targeting your home.

These instalments will ease worries about home security and give you better peace of mind when leaving your home. Have you come across any other great tips on how to improve home security? Share them in the comments below.

Sam Hudson is a professional blogger and freelance writer based in West Yorkshire. He has had work published on a number of home improvement blogs and is here writing for Paramount Conservatories, UK providers of quotes for PVCU conservatories.

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