3 Sociology Careers That Don’t Require A Master’s Degree

Most careers in the field of sociology require a master’s degree or even a doctorate, but this is not always the case. Many sociology majors graduate with a bachelor’s degree and no desire to pursue higher education, yet they still have an interest in the field. They may feel that they have no choice but to look elsewhere for work, and career counselors unfamiliar with the field may unwittingly reinforce this belief by scanning for jobs that have the word sociology in the title. There are a number of careers for people with an interest in sociology who don’t want to continue on with higher education.

Research Assistant
Those with the keenest interest in continuing to work in the field of sociology without further degrees should look into careers as research assistants. A research assistant assists a sociologist in a number of ways. These will, of course, be determined by the particular area of research in which the sociologist is engaged, but they can include interviewing subjects, analyzing statistical data and writing reports and grants. A career as a research assistant might involve working in a university setting, for a nonprofit or for a government agency. Becoming a research assistant is an excellent opportunity for those who want to stay connected with either pure or applied sociological research.

Social Services
A bachelor’s degree in sociology also opens the door to the related fields of counseling and social services. A range of careers are available for sociology majors including being case workers or managers. Job duties will often include intake interviews, matching clients with appropriate services, working with volunteers and various types of advocacy work for vulnerable groups of people such as children or victims of domestic violence. Sociology majors with a particular interest in helping others and particularly in working with disadvantaged populations will find many rewarding opportunities in this area.

Teaching High School
Many people think of teaching sociology as something that only happens on the college level, but many high schools offer sociology courses as well. As with the research assistant, this is another excellent opportunity for anyone who loves the field of sociology but does not wish to pursue graduate study. Certification is required to teach in public high schools, and the requirements for certification and the amount of time it takes varies from state to state. Private schools often do not require teacher certification. Teaching sociology at the high school level is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy mentoring others, and sociology teachers will have the chance to guide promising students into the career field that they themselves love.

Students who graduate with a sociology degree will have acquired a number of valuable skills that equip them for many professions, but they may have a love for the field itself despite not wanting to continue on to graduate school. Further education can often be expensive with no guarantee of a lucrative salary to pay back school debts. The three suggestions above are all ways that sociology majors can enjoy careers in the field immediately on receiving their undergraduate degrees.

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