3 States That Require Teachers To Get Their Masters

Master’s in Education and Teaching Degrees provide students with the highest level of skills in human behavior and development, teaching strategies, effective program implementation, leadership, and teamwork. It is through those enhanced degrees and skills that Master’s in Education and Teaching students acquire rewarding careers as elementary school teachers, high school instructors, professors, counselors, and superintendents to name a few. Programs for Master’s in Education and Teaching Degrees usually only take a year or two to complete, and they are offered to bachelor’s degree holders. Some states even require their educational professionals to pursue one of those advanced degree programs. Three of those states are reviewed in detail below.

1. Massachusetts
In the state of Massachusetts, both elementary and secondary instructors must acquire a Master’s in Teaching Degree or a Master’s in Education Degree through an accredited school within five years of becoming employed. Some of this state’s top schools that offer Master’s in Teaching Degree programs comprise: the University of Massachusetts in Boston, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Lesley University, and Wheelock College. Those advanced degree programs provide teachers in Massachusetts with the opportunity to receive Academic (PreK-12), Vocational Technical Education, or Adult Basic Education licensing. All three of those licenses are also mandated by this state. For the Academic (PreK-12) license, an Initial, a Preliminary, a Temporary, and a Professional option is offered. For the Vocational Technical Education license, an Initial, a Preliminary, and a Professional option is offered. For the Adult Basic Education license, a Provisional and a Professional option is offered. A Master’s in Teaching or a Master’s in Education professional earns roughly $70,752 per year in Massachusetts.

2. New York
Teachers in New York are required to complete an accredited Master’s in Teaching Degree program within five years of employment as elementary, middle school, or high school teachers. Some of the best programs for this degree are offered by the following colleges and universities in New York State: Columbia University, Mercy College, New York University, and Touro College. Acquiring a Master’s in Teaching Degree allows professionals in this state to apply to become licensed educators. Twenty-four licenses are offered to those master’s degree holders, and they include: the Coaching license; the Adult, Community, and Continuing Education license; the Conditional Initial license; the Extension license; the Preliminary license; and the Professional license. On average, a Master’s in Teaching professional in the state of New York earns $72,708 per year.

3. Ohio
Within five years of employment, Ohio teachers must obtain a Master’s Degree in their field through an accredited college or university. Ohio entails many accredited schools that offer the Master’s in Teaching or the Master’s in Education Degree, and they include: Ohio State University, the University of Dayton, Franklin University, and Cleveland State University. Acquiring one of those advanced degrees allows educators to obtain one of the following licenses: a School Treasurer and School Manager license, an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement for Grades 4 and 5 license, a Senior Professional Educator license, or a Lead Professional Educator license. In Ohio, a Master’s in Teaching or a Master’s in Education professional makes approximately $56,715 annually.

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Kelly Underwood is a school administrator and guest author at Best Education Degrees, where she contributed to the guide to the Top Online Master’s in Education Degrees.

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