3 Steps To Becoming A More Positive You

The power of positive thinking is something that too many people underestimate. When you feel and act more positive, then more positive things will happen in your life. But you will never believe in the effects of a positive attitude until you start to see them in your own life.

Becoming a more positive person, especially when you are used to a negative atmosphere, can take some time to accomplish. It is not a transition that happens overnight and it is not always an easy transition either. But there are three steps you can follow which will help you to achieve a more positive outlook on life and allow you to enjoy the benefits of positive thinking.

Shed The Negative People

The first step in any transition to a more positive outlook, and possibly the most difficult step, is in shedding the negative people in your life. Every person, regardless of how strong they feel, looks for outside reinforcement of their actions. If that reinforcement is constantly negative, then you will never be able to transition to being more positive. You need to stop spending time with negative people and put yourself in a position to meet more positive people.

You know who the negative people in your life are, which is what makes it so hard to push them out of your life. You can try to talk to the negative people in your life and let them know that you are making the transition to more positive and ask them to come along. But if they are not going to dedicate themselves to the transition, then you need to let them go.

Set Goals

The reason that positive people are able to stay positive is because they have concrete goals that they accomplish which gives them a perpetual sense of pride and confidence. You need to set realistic short-term and long-term goals for yourself, give yourself deadlines to achieve these goals and then write them down so you can see them every day.

The hardest part in this step is being realistic. People who set goals for themselves to be millionaires in a month will not reach those goals and will slip back into their negative ways. But if you set a goal to add $250 per month to your income through part-time jobs or other methods, then that is a goal you can reach and use to help perpetuate your positive outlook. Most of your long-term goals will be made up of short-term goals, which makes all of your goals more meaningful and easier to achieve.

Reward Yourself

The point to rewarding yourself is to enhance the benefits of a positive attitude. Rewarding yourself does not mean draining your savings account or eating until you gain weight. When you reach a short-term goal, then reward yourself by buying your favorite movie on Blu-Ray or letting yourself sleep in on the weekend. The rewards should match the accomplishment and encourage you to keep your positive outlook intact. You should only reward yourself after you have achieved a goal, or else your rewards will become meaningless.

How do you become more positive – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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