3 Steps To Improving Nurse-Physician Relationships

A harmonious and professional relationship between a nurse and a physician is essential in promoting a healthy and conducive working environment. This makes the staff work effectively in a more productive way. However, having a good working relationship between healthcare providers can sometimes be difficult. These three steps will help nurses and physicians in achieving a healthy working connection.

Proper Communication
The best way to improve the nurse to physician relationship is through proper communication. Nurses should effectively communicate important information about the patient and the tasks needed to be done. Physicians should also inform nurses about every essential detail that is involved in treating a patient. On the other hand, nurses are also expected to actively inform doctors of any information that can affect the patient’s condition. This is not only limited to written endorsements but should include prompt verbal interactions.

Communication helps healthcare professionals in avoiding any problem from miscommunication. This ensures that important information is being passed to particular team members in order to provide the best care for patients. Giving the whole team all details that include medications, treatment plans and patient needs is essential in providing a clear interaction between nurses and physicians.

Maintaining a Professional Demeanor
Another way of maintaining a good relation among healthcare professionals is by keeping a professional demeanor at all times. Nurses and doctors should stay professional and composed no matter how difficult or demanding the situation may be. This is applicable on all work settings and not only in hospitals. Workers are expected to keep their professional values under all circumstances.

This is important in demanding hospital areas that include the emergency room, wards and operating theaters. Nurses and physicians find the most stressors in these areas where they sometimes struggle to survive a shift. They often encounter chaotic situations in the emergency room that can alter their judgment. These healthcare team members also feel pressure in operating theaters as the patient’s life depends on them. Physicians are expected to give their best effort when performing all surgical operations, and nurses are expected to provide excellent support and assistance.

These are the reasons why nurses and doctors should always maintain their professional ethics and values. They should find ways to stay composed and calm in stressful situations. Mutual respect can also make a huge difference in the hospital environment. Healthcare team members will have a more harmonious relationship with each other if they make sure not to take any unprofessional or unethical actions.

Teamwork and Cooperation
Teams will not succeed without teamwork and cooperation from each member. A lack of teamwork can create a wall between members and lead to miscommunication. This can even result in unhealthy working relationships and hospital environments.

This is why these values are of the utmost importance when dealing with healthcare team members. Medical professionals should keep in mind that they will not be able to work alone. Nurses can not perform tasks without physician’s orders. They are legally not allowed to treat patients on their own. Doctors may have a wider range of responsibilities, but they will not be able to complete a treatment without the other team members. Doctors rely on nurses for many different tasks in a hospital setting.

Teamwork and cooperation play a major role in improving the relationship between nurses and physicians. These are key factors that make each task smoother and lighter. If one member fails to cooperate, this could lead to irreversible damage that can endanger a patient’s life.

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