3 Themes For Boys’ Bedrooms That Will Make Your Son’s Jaw Drop

Choosing a theme for your son’s bedroom shouldn’t be as hard as we make it out to be. Firstly, we’re uncreative; we lack the imagination that young children have and honestly don’t believe that a spaceship can fit in a bedroom. Secondly, we’re money conscious. Anything out of the ordinary or alternative to the ‘single bed and wardrobe’ set up, flashing dollar signs in our minds. And lastly, it takes time; something parents don’t have a great deal of.

But don’t let it seem this difficult in your head. Decorating your son’s bedroom should be a milestone in both your life and his – it should be something you enjoy together. After all, he has the creative flair and you have the practical experience, so work together.

And you, more than anyone, know what your child likes the best in the world. This is a great place to start when decorating his bedroom. If he has to see it every day, sleep, play and work in it, he may as well like it. So start by asking him a few questions on what he’d like, and if you’re still stuck, try these:

For the NFL Fan

Is your little man a big fan of football? Find it difficult getting him off www.nfl.com? Why not give him an NFL bedroom that will make his friend jealous?

1. Use green carpet or Astroturf with white markings on to create a mini football field on his bedroom floor. That way it doubles as an area to play football inside when it’s raining outdoors.

2. Painting football murals on the wall can either highlight your son’s favourite players, or create the stadium feel of a football field, to give a realistic atmosphere to the NFL themed room. This is a great activity to do with your son, so that he has some input.

3. Why not create some bed linen from old football jerseys to add the personal touch of your son’s favourite teams whilst still sticking to the NFL idea.

4. Installing a row of fold-down chairs or a bench in front of a television or projector will give your son and his friends the feel of being at a real NFL game, right in his own bedroom.

5. Make sure to include a themed storage area, perhaps in the shape of a football, for toys and play equipment.

For other necessary furniture such as a desk, wardrobe etc, try painting them in team colors to fit in with the bedroom.

For the Jungle Monkey

Many of our little monkeys love stories like The Jungle Book and dream of living in a tree-house in the forest. Why not make that dream a reality. With the basic theme of green and the input of animalistic ideas, you can create the perfect ‘foresty’ feel to your son’s bedroom.

1. Use a loft bed and build a treehouse looking exterior panel to fit onto one side, to give the impression of climbing into a tree-house to sleep. You could even replace the ladder with a rope ladder.

2. Laying the floor with fake grass instead of carpet will give the impression of walking in the wild jungle.

3. Using a combination of real plants and fake ones to decorate the room will give the idea of dense woods. Use plastic vines to cover furniture such as wardrobes and shelves. You may want to consider painting these pieces of furniture animal prints, to add to the theme of the room.

4. Finish off with a collection of stuffed animals that may be found in the jungle.

For the Avid Astronaut

Most young boys say they want to be an astronaut at some point in their lives, so why not start today. Decorating your son’s room to give the impression of space is an exciting journey into the unknown that you can both enjoy together.

1. Many companies now print digital carpets and wallpapers online. Why not have the surface of the moon printed on carpet; or why not have a real photo of space printed on wallpaper?

2. If you want to do this on a budget, paint the walls black and use glow in the dark paint to flick up the walls with a paintbrush. This will be great fun for you and your son, but make sure you cover your clothes!

3. Installing a mobile of the planets around the light is both fun and educational

4. There are several videos on YouTube which show you how you could build a UFO shaped bed to turn the room into a more exciting adventure.

So Let’s Get Started

So now you’ve got some ideas, research is the next step forward. By watching home improvement shows and researching Pinterest and Facebook, you can find tons of ideas to get your projects going.

Remember if you’re on a budget, check thrift stores and garage sales first. Happy decorating!

Before Mike Kelley set himself to advising other on how to build WordPress blogs, he was a Master Merchant Mariner. He progressed in his career by going on to train others to become Captains. Used to playing with big real-life toys, and passionate about creating rooms that are designed for the man’s man, he now blogs on www.menshideaway.com about cool products and games that are perfect for the “man cave”.

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