3 Tips For Grooms Wanting To Add A Touch Of Style To Their Wedding

As a groom you may find your bride-to-be takes the reins when it comes to organising your wedding, but there are several areas in which your involvement is essential. From input on the seating plan to decor ideas and ensuring your future mother-in-law feels like a celebrity mother of the bride, the role you play will go a long way towards ensuring your wedding goes off without a hitch.

3 Tips For Grooms Wanting To Add A Touch Of Style To Their Wedding

 For grooms who want to add a touch of style to proceedings, there are plenty of contributions that can be made. Donning a suit and saying ‘I do’ should only be a small part of the role you play.

Share your Opinion

As a groom your input may seem less important than that of your bride, but being involved is important. If you are looking for inspiration you can always check out celebrity weddings for ideas. Although you don’t have to know the difference between bridesmaids’ flowers and buttonholes, it is an excellent idea to give your opinion on the major planning points and let your bride-to-be know that you care about your special day.

3 Tips For Grooms Wanting To Add A Touch Of Style To Their Wedding

Arrange your Groomsmen’s Attire

If you are not sure what sort of suits are fashionable, you can scour the pages of men’s fashion magazines or hire a stylist to guide you through the maze of cravats and cufflinks. It is a good idea to ask for guidance from someone in the know, ensuring you and your groomsmen look great kitted out in suitable wedding attire. A site such as Styleandthebride can offer grooms and groomsmen tips on looking their best and keep you all in fine form for the day.

Choose a Photographer who makes you Comfortable

Wedding photos are a very special reminder of your big day and choosing a photographer you and your bride feel comfortable with is essential. You will want your photos to be every bit as special as those that have made history and by choosing a good photographer you can rest assured that your wedding day will be captured in the way you want it to be.

Grooms who follow these guidelines can add an extra touch of class to the proceedings and contribute to their special day in all the right ways.

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