3 Trending and Best Android Tracking App

Have you lost your phone? Or have you misplaced it somewhere and now don’t know where to look for it? Or is it may be stolen by a pickpocket? Stay calm and take a deep breath. I know it is easier said than done but I assure you there is nothing to worry about. You can very easily get your phone back. Have you heard of android tracking app before?

Android tracking apps are softwares which are preinstalled in a device before it is stolen or lost. There are also some android tracking softwares that can be remotely installed after the device is lost or stolen. These apps or software enables to owner to track down the device by locating the device via GPS. There are many more features of such an app like

  • commanding the phone to keep ringing until it is found,
  • delivering the location of the phone to the email account and
  • Remotely wipe out the data of the phone and lock it to prevent misuse of the device and its content.
  • Click picture of the thief of the phone and also record voices etc.

MSPY android tracking is one such android tracking app that has all the above features and then some for a complete and all round safety of your android phone. To know more you can log on to https://www.mspy.com/android-spy.html

Let us look at the 3 most trending apps among the many that are available in the virtual market:

  1. Where’s my droid android tracking software: Where’s my droid is a free android tracking app available on the Google app store. This app enable you to send a code through a text message when your device gets missing which makes the device ring on full volume even if it is on the silent mode. Another code gets you the location of the phone on your email telling you the exact position of your phone. This app also has an advanced version known as the pro version which lets you click pictures of the person who has the phone after it was lost, remotely wipe out the data of the phone and then lock it.
  2. Plan B: Plan B app is a boon to people who have not installed an android tracking app before the device was stolen. This app is enabled to track your device taking the help of towers and their signals and GPS. The location when confirmed of your device is then sent to your Gmail inbox. Depending upon the smartphone that is lost you can enable its GPS ad get an update about its location every 10 minutes. For devices that do not support such feature you can text message location and get an update to your Gmail account and in the absence of a data connection you the app sends an update to the sms account.
  3. Android lost free android tracking software: This is the perfect android tracking software for your device as apart from the regular features of an android tracking app it has an additional feature of tormenting the thief by making the phone ring off the hook and also making the device lights keep flashing on and off. Also this app can be used even after the phone is lost or stolen because of its feature of remote installation without the knowledge of the thief as the icon of the software is hidden to disallow uninstallation.

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