3 Watches Worth Keeping An Eye On (A List Of Highly Desirable And Expensive Time Pieces)

If you are looking for an amazing watch to add to your collection; you have come to the right place. This article will tell you about 3 highly desirable and expensive watches that every watch collector would be honored to have.

Listed below are the watches of your dreams:

1. Audemars Piguet T3 – The Terminator
The reason it was called that was because Arnold Schwarzenegger helped to design this watch. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the star in the hit movie terminator. There were only 1,000 of these watches that were made so they are very rare. You will know when you own this watch, because you will also own the terminator dvds that go with this watch. The design is unusual and extraordinarily daring. People who wear this watch don’t mind being noticed.

2. Omega Seamaster “James Bond”
This watch is one of the best value of sports watches that were ever made. Offering a classic look that many look for in their watches. The design has a blue rotating bezel with a blue wave dial. This watch is another rare masterpiece. There were only 10,007 of these watches that were manufactured and sold to the global market, and the James Bond fan base helped it to sell out quickly. Another great thing about this watch is it is a diver’s best friend. In fact, it is probably one of the best diver’s watches on the market. No more worrying that your expensive watch will be broken by water pressure. One final thing to note about this watch, is that you should only buy it with the correct blue 007 Omegabox limited edition.

3. Rolex Sea Dweller
A well balanced, all around guaranteed to make you satisfied watch. It is a must have for any watch collector’s collection, and that is putting it lightly. You can throw it against a wall and it will still keep running. This watch is practically indestructible. You dive with it for up to 4,000 ft and it will keep on running. You could even climb a mountain with this watch if you wanted to.

This watch is outstanding and it would make any watch collector happy to have it.

These are the watches that are highly desired, and offer give the user a dazzling style. Not only because they are rare, but also because they also give the collector an amazing amount of features to choose from.

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