3 Ways to Add a Bit of Spice to Your Love Life

Being intimate with your partner isn’t just something to look forward to at the end (or beginning!) of the day. Putting aside special time for each other can help strengthen your communication and emotional bond. Getting creative with different types of sex toys or flirtatious phone calls can add heat to any relationship. You may find that half the fun can be exploring new positions or props together. Whether you are a newlywed or you’ve been married for 30 years, you can still find ways to evoke the passion. Here are three ways to add a bit of spice back into your love life.

Sex dolls

With technological advances in sex toys, you can discover a new form of seductive entertainment in the bedroom with passion dolls. These artificial intelligent sex robots are created with pleasure in mind for both you and your partner. Each one is made to be extremely life-like. They are available in all skin hues, body proportions, and hair color.

The dolls have soft, non-toxic skin that can be manipulated into any position. Your doll can mimic natural facial expressions and its internal computer can verbally adjust to your desires. These humanoid dolls respond to your touch, allowing you to realistically interact with them. Bringing a doll into your bedroom can allow you and your partner to open up in a safe environment. Together, you can explore things you may be embarrassed to try on each other, letting the doll be your ice-breaker. You can confidently show your partner where you like being touched on your doll and explore it on each other.

Vibrators and stimulators

Vibrators were created in the 1800s as a medical device to help women with “hysteria.”  Doctors would assume this would cure their female patients by stimulating them into an orgasm. Women weren’t thought of as being able to have excitable intercourse, but mainly as a means for having children. Today vibrators can be a great way for you and your partner to bring some spice back into the bedroom. You can purchase ones small enough to fit into your purse or larger for you and your spouse to use on each other. Many women find it difficult to climax during sex, which may put a damper on your romantic evening. A vibrator is a great way to introduce a new toy for her, while allowing you both to enjoy intimacy. Men can also enjoy the stimulation of vibrating sex toys. Pulsating sleeves can be used to externally pleasure you, mimicking the natural rhythm of lovemaking or self-gratification.


Communication is an important piece of a successful relationship. Discussing what you enjoy in bed shouldn’t be cause for anxiety. If you are having difficulty verbally expressing yourself, you may find it easier with written words or even by snapping a few pictures. Texting allows you to let your needs be heard without fear of being embarrassed by saying them face-to-face. You can take the time to gather your thoughts (and some flirty emojis) to tantalize each other. Phone sex can bring you emotionally together during times you are physically apart. Hearing each other being turned on can be an erotic way to keep the flames lit between visits. You can set up your smart device to take provocative pictures or playfully tease each other by filming yourself dancing. For example, burlesque has become a unique and sensual combination of striptease and dance. Boudoir portraits are another intimate idea you can share with your partner.

You can get creative with props and background pieces to help show off your assets to your significant other tastefully while still being tempting. Whether you use dolls, vibrators, or other means, you can surely bring the spice back into your bedroom.

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