4 Alternative Sweeteners To Refined Sugar That Are Safe!

Most if not all health experts have been repeating that consuming white sugar regularly is the worst thing you can add to your health. Even though this thing is now proved to be true, not everybody likes to be through his or her life never having alternative sweet beverage or food again.

The best news is that there are few healthier sweeteners out there that can simply satisfy a little bit of a sweet tooth and have no damages of devilish sweetener such as white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup as well as aspartame.

Here are 4 of these healthier sweeteners you can consider to replace it with those nasty stuffs.


Stevia leaves when in its natural state are a no calorie plant based sweetener that has no known negative side effect in it. Used in South America for more than 200 years, stevia leaves are sweet and around 40 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. In its pure extract, Stevia leaves have steviol Glycosides which give it the sweetness and various studies has determined it helps in blocking tumors, inflammations, and several harmful pathogens. However never use its chemically modified form such as PureVia and Truvia and try to obtain liquids instead of the white powders.

4 Alternative Sweeteners To Refined Sugar That Are Safe!

Coconut Sugar

Also known as sap sugar, it is derived from sap of flowers that blossoms on coconut tree. Mostly coconut sugar is comprised of sucrose that gives it a caramel-like taste. Unlike the ugly refined sugar, it is very minimally processed, and just a few of the chemicals are added into it, therefore most if not all of its minerals are preserved. With low glycemic index, coconut sugar is a rich source of minerals, and it is rich in amino acids and 12 essential B Vitamins.

4 Alternative Sweeteners To Refined Sugar That Are Safe!

Manuka Honey

Manuka is the most premium type of honey. It is a best source of sweetener with plus points of being a potent antibiotic. Everyone needs to be careful while choosing honey at random, as most of the types are mixed with the brutal high fructose corn syrup or pasteurized, which definitely removes those brands from the list of alternative healthy sugar.

4 Alternative Sweeteners To Refined Sugar That Are Safe!


Lucuma or Pouteria lucuma is a kind of subtropical fruit that is native to Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. It is not very well known outside the South America but it is now gaining popularity because of its presence in world best weight loss program. It is only known as a weight loss food but also popular because of low glycemic index as well as its mildly sweet taste, usually compared to butterscotch and caramel. It is a rich source of 14 trace minerals, it is high in fiber and used as an anti-inflammatory for centuries by the natives of Peru.

4 Alternative Sweeteners To Refined Sugar That Are Safe!




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