4 Benefits To Hiring A Professional Nurse For Your Business

When your business has a large number of employees, it makes sense to consider the benefits of hiring a professional nurse to work on the premises, rather than sending employees off-site for immediate medical attention. Companies that work with hazardous materials or have employees that must perform potentially dangerous tasks will also want to explore the advantages of having a nurse on hand to deal with problems, as well a to help prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Here are four benefits of hiring a professional nurse to work at your business.

Assess Workers and Environment
One reason to consider hiring a nurse for your business is so that she can assess the workers and the environment where they do their tasks. Your nurse can perform an inspection of the factory floor, for example, to see how items are being stored, or whether the machinery is properly positioned to avoid accidents. The nurse is also invaluable for checking out your workers to make sure that they follow protocols for safety in the workplace.

A professional nurse can tour the premises periodically to check for possible exposure to dangerous chemicals and other substances, as well as to make sure that your have remedies on hand, such as eye washing stations, decontamination showers, first aid kits and other safety devices.

Fast Access to Health Care
If a worker falls ill while on the job, it’s prudent for management to have someone on staff who can assess his condition and offer treatment and advice. For example, a worker in your plant may experience symptoms that seem like it could be a case of the flu. A nurse can check the employee’s vital signs, such as temperature and breathing rate.

The nurse might determine that what seems to be the flu may actually be food poisoning, which would require further investigation into the food being served at the company cafeteria or even food items that were served at someone’s birthday party in the break room. It can be more efficient to check out the ill or injured employees at work rather than having to take them to a health care facility.

Documentation of Illness and Injury
It’s a good idea to have someone on hand to document any incidents of employees succumbing to an illness or getting injured while on the job. A nurse is trained to document medical conditions, which are crucial for assessing the patient’s condition. These notes will be important for any emergency medical personnel who are dispatched to your business in the event of an illness or injury, and they are also useful when a doctor takes charge of the case.

On-Premises Advocate
Anyone who has ever tried to contact her health care provider for help with paperwork or figuring out what procedures are covered by a plan and which ones are the responsibility of the patient to pay for knows how hard it can be to navigate a medical bureaucracy. When you hire a professional nurse to work at your business, you will have an on-premises advocate who is an expert at getting through to the right people at an insurance company, to settle issues about treatment, coverage, prescription benefits and other pressing matters.

Companies with a large employee base or that have a variety of safety issues at their location will want to consider the various benefits of hiring a professional nurse in the name of functioning more efficiently and reducing the number of medical incidents.

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