4 Fruit Facts For Losing Weight For This Summer 2013

I wanted to talk about something different for my first 2013 article so I thought about covering the New Year resolution everyone seems to make, losing weight. I am going to cover the subject in a different way and talk about the explosion of fruits that apparently make you lose weight. Many manufacturers are mass producing these pills and consumers are buying them in bulk, so, do they really work?

Irvingia – This is the newest and most popular on the market right now, its origin is West Africa. The name you may know as the African Mango Extract. This was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show where two test subjects took the Irvingia extract, which came with some shocking results. The test subjects lost an average of 5/10 per month! Another thing that was noticed was the blood sugar and cholesterol levels were reduced.

Garcinia Cambogia – Yet another feature on the Dr. Oz show. It is said to act as a fat blocker, breaking down the fatty cells that are in foods. It is also an appetizer depressant, meaning you will not get hungry as much and it will control cravings. Many eat for emotional reasons, this also increases serotonin, and will balance out your moods. The pricing on this is a little more expensive than the African mango but is said to work better.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Whereas coffee beans are roasted to produce the drink everyone loves, the green coffee bean extract is unroasted. The difference is when beans are roasted their antioxidants are increased, but another chemical called chlorogenic acid decreases. It’s this chemical that makes you lose weight, because it apparently blocks fat accumulation. The green coffee bean extract does not smell like coffee.

Hydroxycut – This products is a brand name within the weight loss industry and is made by MuscleTech, these guys create many different products in the muscle and weight market. They sell approximately 1 million units per year. Personally I would be weary of these as lots of their products were linked to liver damage by the FDA. There was also one recorded death from using Hydroxycut.

So you see, there is two sides to a story whichever way you look at things, or whichever product you decide to buy. A lot of it is just hype and just gets lots of media attention, but on the other hand there are a great variety of tablets on the market that do actually help! My own mother takes the African Mango and has had great success.

So if you are thinking of trying out a product to help lose weight please do look into it properly and do extensive research.

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