4 Killer Ideas For Your Wedding Proposal

It’s the ultimate question. You are asking someone to commit to a life together. It’s a moment filled with joy. It’s a story that will be shared with friends and family for years to come. You want it to be a story that others dream of. Creating the right atmosphere could make or break your partner’s decision. How you ask them the big question shows just how well you know them. You want to marry this person so you obviously know them inside and out, take some time to think and an idea will come. In the meantime this article should help you whilst brainstorming. This article lists four of the best methods of proposing. They won’t be able to say no.

Back in time, back to the first date

Women love to know you care. Show your lady that you care and remember every moment that you’ve shared together by taking her to the first place you met or went on your first date. It’s the little details that mean the most. You don’t need to spend the big bucks to be romantic. This will show her not only that this is a moment you treasure but also how grateful you are to have found each other. It’s a special location to only the two of you. This will be a completely unique proposal location and especially symbolic.

Sky Writing

All you need is your words. Write it out in a grand gesture. All you need to do is insure that she is outside when the words are getting spelt out. Look in the sky; is it a bird or a plane? No, it’s a marriage proposal. A marriage proposal across the sky is sure to get her attention. You can either get it spelt out in smoke or it can carry a banner with your proposal. This will announce your love for all to see.

The Underwater Proposal

If you or your loved ones are scared of heights, why not take it underwater? You can have Nemo and his friends as the witnesses for your big moment under the sea in the Great Barrier Reef in the East Coast of Australia. One great idea is to do take a photo of the wedding ring and show it to her on your water-resistant camera when you both are down under water. You can also ask your driving instructor to take videos for that important moment.

A Surprise Weekend Vacation

Surprise is the key. Rather than taking your partner out on a romantic dinner which can be quite obvious, take them on a weekend retreat. Disguise the proposal behind another event. Take a trip to get away from the city and relax together. Escape to the country and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This will allow you to enjoy some alone time together and give you a whole weekend to remember when reminiscing about the proposal.

Written by Jasmine Poole

Jasmine is a professional wedding planner. She is busy organizing her own wedding and getting ready to send out her wedding inviation to her big day on a hot air ballon with twenty guests on the flight.

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