4 Must Haves Items In A Baby Room

Experienced parents might know of all the items that need to be purchased for a baby. But, new moms – in their excitement and nervousness – may end up purchasing too much or too little for their first baby. There are certain items that are absolute must haves in a baby room so as to make you and your baby comfortable.

A crib is a must have item in any baby room. Though many people start with bassinets and move on to a crib when the baby becomes old enough to sleep in it, it always OK to start using a crib from the first day itself. Consider safety as the primary factor while choosing your crib. You can even get cribs that can be changed to toddler beds as your baby grows. You need a crib mattress that will keep your baby comfortable inside the crib. Look at safety guidelines for up to date information on the kinds of cribs you should avoid, and make sure you get one made by a reputable company. You can read online reviews for your shortlisted cribs before finalizing the purchase.

You should have enough diapers for the first few days with your new baby. The hospital will usually provide diapers during the hospital stay, but check this before admittig yourself. For the first few years, diapers will be an integral part of your baby’s life. A stock of diapers should be kept in the baby’s room in an easily accessible location. You can opt for either disposable or reusable diapers depending upon your preferences. If money is not a primary constraint for you, then you can opt for disposable diapers as they are more convenient for you but many parents trying to reduce their carbon footprint use reusable cloth diapers as well.

Health care kit
You should have a health care kit that contains necessary items such as nail clippers, medicine spoons, droppers, nasal aspirator, thermometer etc. Usually, a nasal aspirator will be provided by the hospital but you can also buy it in stores. You might have to check the body temperature to know whether your baby is too cold or too hot. You might have to add or remove layers based on the temperature. As it is difficult to ensure whether the temperature is normal just by skin contact, you should have a thermometer. Have a medical kit in the baby’s room in case of emergencies, and replace things like nasal aspirators, or if you are using an expensive version, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Baby monitor
Since you cannot spend the whole day with your baby, you should have a baby monitor to know what happens inside the baby’s room. You can get audio or video models based on your requirements, and there are even models that will detect a lack of movement while the baby is sleeping and alert you. If you have a baby monitor, you can shut the door to the baby’s room allowing her to sleep comfortably without any external distraction, and also get a good nights sleep yourself.

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